Monday, September 8, 2014

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Edith Parzefall

The last two months I've been translating a murder mystery by Kathrin Brückmann from German into English. The novel is set in set in ancient Egypt. With an author at hand, who has studied Egyptology and knows English well enough to help with finding resources for the correct historical terms, it was far easier than I imagined.

The book, Apprenticed to Anubis: In Maat's Service Vol. 1, has gone live on Amazon as an ebook and paperback.

Lynne Hinkey

You've already seen my review of Judith’s novel, A Place Called Winter. I'll just jump in and yahoo that since I'm a reviewer for Underground Book Reviews. I also interviewed Judith, and you can read that here.

Also, UBR has posted new guidelines to submit books for a possible review.

William Weldy

After much rewriting and editing, mostly due to the excellent critters at IWW, my novel, Murder in the Hills, has been accepted for publication by Musa publishing.

Wayne Scheer

The editor of The Literary Hatchet is now my new best friend.  She accepted A humor piece, “You Can Never Be Too Careful,” and a flash, “Saying Goodbye.” This is the second consecutive issue that will contain two of my stories. At $15 a piece.

My non-fiction flash, “The Abandoned House,” is up at Long Story Short.

My science fiction romance, “Cloning Clark,” and a sci fi horror flash, “Electrix Love,” about an advanced electric razor that fell in love with its owner, also published in Literary Hatchet. The issue is available free in PDF format and for a price in paperback.  To download the free file, you need to give them your name and email.

My short story, “Another American Dream,” is published in the current paperback issue of I-70 Review.

And an old story, “Three Friends,” is included in a paperback anthology published by Arts and Understanding, a magazine dedicated to AIDS research and understanding.  My story was originally published in A&U.

Barbara Johnson

My serialized novel, Accused? Guilty, (Part 15) up at Political Truth Serum.

Ruth Zavitz

An interview about me and the writing of my novel, Flight to the Frontier appears in the Strathroy Age Dispatch.

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