Monday, October 20, 2014

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Silvia Villalobos

My short story, “IOANA,” is up at Red Fez. This is the first story set in my native country of Romania - at least the only such story written in English. Big thanks, as always, to the Fiction list for all your help.

Bob Sanchez

My review of Alex's Wake, appears on the Internet Review of Books.

Wayne Scheer

My poem, “One More Journey,” is up at The Camel Saloon.

Literary Hatchet at Pear Tree Press has accepted my poem, “Cha Cha and Tai Chi,” for publication in their print magazine on December 15. This is a good publication. They pay for stories, poems and nonfiction works, and they pay promptly. Over the past few issues, they accepted most of what I've sent them, so the editor is my new best friend. See their submission guidelines for details. 

Sue Ellis

Thanks to Duotrope's listing, I entered a contest sponsored by the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities, and learned a few days ago that I am one of ten finalists in the non-fiction category. Winners will be announced Nov. 3. I don't expect to win, but I am glad to have my story posted where others can learn about chemical sensitivity. 

Patricia Johnson

A poem in Eclectica's autumn volume.

Ruth Zavitz

Flight to the Frontier is now a Kindle e-book. All reviews gratefully received.

Theresa A. Cancro

Two haiku of mine appear in Chrysanthemum, Issue #16, along with German translations (scroll down).

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