Monday, December 8, 2014

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Bob White

My latest mystery novel, To Catch a Monster, is now available on Amazon. An IWW member has already said, "If you like Robert B. Parker mysteries, you'll love this one by Bob White."

Joanna M. Weston

A haiku of mine up at Brass Bell, the winter issue. The haiku are listed alphabetically by the author's first name. Scroll down.

My poem, Country Lore, is up at Leaf Press. Click on my face and you'll get to it.

Sarah Corbett Morgan

Pleased to say my review of Ladette Randolph’s memoir, Leaving the Pink House, is live at The Internet Review of Books. This is a tender and evocative memoir that dips into a life, perhaps not a grand or heroic life, but a very relatable one. 

William Bartlett

My December column is up at in the, ‘Word from Dad,” feature. This month, it's entitled Christmas Shopping, and it's also available in print in KC Parent magazine.

Bob Sanchez

My review of The Good Luck Cat is up at the Internet Review of Books. A great book for cat lovers.

Julie Harthill Clayton

My theater reviews for Gay RVA have been noticed. I received an invitation to join the Richmond Theater Critic's Circle. Their major event each year is the Richmond area version of the Tonys! I'm thrilled to be invited. Here's my latest review/opinion piece.

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