Monday, February 23, 2015

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Jonathan Mitchell

An article about me is in Newsweek.

Joanna M. Weston

Four poems up at Here and Now: 7beats. Scroll on down. Many thanks to the Poetry List.

Behlor Santi

My article on making freelancing personal is up at Funds For Writers.

Theresa A. Cancro

My poem, “Winter Rose,” appears on Leaves of Ink for February 17th. Scroll down.

Mona Leeson Vanek

Joel Kimbell, the owner of Palouse Internet, and his wife came to have me transfer all the information I could from my North Palouse Washington e-Newscast for him because he plans to incorporate the links and news into his business. I stopped publishing the paper when we moved to Spokane Valley, Washington.

He'll pay the $10 domain fee for my website to stay live until 2016, while he works out how to best incorporate it. He believes that what I started was too valuable to the Palouse region to just let it die out. I'm flattered, and very pleased.

Guilie Castillo-Oriard

My flash, The Perfect Equilibrium of Rectangles, was accepted for publication in Pure Slush's fourth anniversary online issue, Four. This is one I'm particularly proud of :)

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