Monday, March 30, 2015

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Silvia Villalobos

Happy to announce that my mystery novel was released today from Solstice Publishing.

And to dial that up a little, I had my first radio interview today (one of three), where I talk, among other things, about The Internet Writing Workshop, and how wonderful it's been to be part of the group. Host Scott Golden would like to extend IWW authors an invitation to promote their books on his program, if they so wish. You can listen to the interview here.

Charles Hobbs

My book, Hidden History of Transportation in Los Angeles, was mentioned in the Los Angeles Times "Jacket Copy" book blog last December. (I just found
out today.)

Peter Bernhardt

You'll find me under Author Spotlight on Underground Book Reviews Magazine.

William Weldy

Release of Murder in the Hills, so aptly critiqued here has finally arrived (albeit by the back road). My original publisher, Muse, closed its doors right after the final edits of my novel. They released the rights to me and I self-pubbed it to Amazon.

Wayne Scheer

A humor piece I just wrote with the Practice group, “How to Write Fiction,” is up at The Humour Site.

Jody Ewing

Many, many thanks to IWW list member Carol Kean for her wonderful write-up about authors who keep cold cases and missing persons from being forever forgotten. I'm honored to be included in her group of five writers -- two of which hail from Iowa.

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