Monday, April 6, 2015

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Jack Shakely

My latest book review, Lost for Words, is up on the Internet Review of Books. My thanks to editors Bob and Gary for giving me free rein, because I wasn't at all lost for words when I panned the book.

Lori Sambol Brody

I have a CNF piece published today at Pithead Chapel, The Synagogue on Piata Rahovei. Thanks to the Prose group for critiquing the piece!

Jeannette de Beauvoir

You have to scroll down a bit (Dennis Lehane is the headliner), but my novel, Asylum, was reviewed in the New York Times.

Rick Bylina

Took first place in a 300 word limit, one syllable only, flash-fiction contest with my entry, The Want.

William Bartlett

My April column is up at in the, "Word from Dad" feature. This month, it's called The Teeter-Totter, and it's also available in print in KC Parent magazine.

Sue Ellis

Cynthia Reeser, editor at Prick of the Spindle, is introducing a new web page format and new submission guidelines for anyone who's interested. Reviews will appear there on a rolling basis as they become available. My review of Jerry Bronk's new novel, Belinda's Law, is available now.
My review of the re-release of The Revenant, by Michael Punke, is up at the Internet Review of Books. It's going to be released as a movie this fall, so anyone who loves comparing books to their screen adaptations might want to check this one out.

Pauline Micciche

My poem, “Glimpse,” was published in the fall 2014 issue of Whirlwind Magazine (p. 10). You can read it online here.

Anita Saran

I just finished editing a novel written in Catalan and translated into English. It's been published before but not the translation. Not much money this time, but it's a foot in the door.

Plus, I'm going to start editing a children's novella by my Australian client – this is the 5th time I'm editing for her and the money is great. I got $180 for 35 pages last time. Always wanted to be an editor.

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