Monday, April 13, 2015

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Miranda Snow Gustavson

The short story, “The Beast,” that inspired my novel is now up on the Utah Children's Writers blog, for their 30 stories in 30 days. How fun it is to be a part of this.

Rick Bylina

My novel, All of our Secrets, and myself, are both featured on The Joyful Jewel web site.

Jeannette de Beauvoir

Join me in The Interview Room April 7 and participate... it's a gig where I need to keep the conversation going via comments!

Julie Harthill Clayton

My latest review is now live at This one is particularly near and dear to my heart.

Nyasha Manwachi-Turner

Here is the site for my radio interview for my book promo, The Push. Hope the accents don't throw you off.

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