Monday, May 4, 2015

Our Members' Publishing Successes

Jeannette de Beauvoir

I sent my second Martine LeDuc novel to St. Martin's and they sent it back with a number of revisions—close to a rewrite, in fact. Sent it back to them with some trepidation and here's the response: "Let me just tell you that I LOVE what you’ve done with the story.

The flashbacks and the love story are so beautiful. Fantastic job revising. I think it’s spectacular. And just the right amount of flashbacks. I love the way the past and present come together in the end."

Guilie Castillo-Oriard

My first solo book, The Miracle of Small Things, is due for release this summer from Truth Serum Press (sister press to Pure Slush). It's a collection of short fiction set in Curaçao - a novel in stories, if you prefer - and we're having a launch party for it in NYC on September 2nd. I received information for the venue, La Casa Azul bookstore in Spanish Harlem (or is East Harlem the right term? New York confuses me.), which makes it official.

The Dutch consulate has also offered to help, and the Curaçao Tourism Board will hopefully be on "board" too :) If you're in the neighborhood I'd love the opportunity to say hi in person - and, of course, if you have friends in the city that might like to join in, everyone is welcome.

Lori Sambol Brody

I have an article up at Flash Fiction Chronicles on what to do when your story gets published: Yay. Your Story Was Accepted (or Not) Now What.

Wayne Scheer

My story, “The Long Walk,” is up at Literary Hatchet.  This one was extended from a Practice exercise and was critiqued in both Practice and Fiction.  So thanks go to a lot of people, but I'm keeping the $15 payment for myself.

This is a paying publication for fiction and poetry. They prefer dark stories, horror and paranormal, and dark humor.  Weird seems to work. They charge for the paperback version, but you can download a free version at their site.

My flash, “A Mother Knows,” is up at Foliate Oak.

Michele Riccio

Ursula: Then and Now, wonderfully critiqued in the Novels-L list, will be available for sale at May 3, 2015.

William Bartlett

My May column is up at in the ‘Word from Dad feature.’ This month, it's, “They Never Met,” and it's also available in print in KC Parent magazine.

Sue Ellis

Thanks to Wayne's mention of Literary Hatchet a couple of months ago, I garnered a space in their new issue, too. I've had this story in my files a long time, waiting for a market that might appreciate ANOTHER ghost story. I can't seem to write creepy stories, settling instead for harmless fantasy.

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