Monday, July 6, 2015

IWW Members' Publication Successes

Wayne Scheer

The Literary Hatchet will publish my story, “Caught in the Middle,” in their next issue. The story was critiqued in Fiction and I thank all of you for your help.

Literary Hatchet is a good place for "horror" stories and poems.  I put horror in quotes because they define the term loosely.  I'd say they prefer dark stories to horror.

Judith Welpman (writing as Christina Cole)

July 1 is the official release day for my latest western historical romance novel. No Regrets is the fourth book of my “Sunset Series”. It was released today from Secret Cravings Publishing.

Sue Ellis

I wrote an article about Worley, Idaho, the small town where I was born, for Idaho Magazine, a monthly paper publication in the state. I originally submitted 1000 words, but the editor wanted it expanded to almost 3000. I've never had to do so much research, but I enjoyed the sleuthing very much.

A few months ago I posted an offer here at IWW for people willing to read and critique my rough draft. As a result of the help I received, the story took shape in a more professional way than it would have otherwise.

Thanks so much to Mona, Paul, Brock, Irma, Deb, Sarah and Judith for your spot-on suggestions and sharp eyes. I couldn't have confidently finished the article without you. Here's a link to the new July issue with my story. They accept stories about Idaho year round.

Nita Pavitran

I am excited to share that my travel essay, “Laying Plans in the Wild,” has just been published in Reading Hour, a digital and print magazine that publishes short stories, essays, and poetry.

Theresa A. Cancro

Three haiku have been published in Issue #52 of Presence, a British print journal of haiku and related forms.

Six haiku of mine appear in the Summer 2015 Showcase of The Zen Space. Scroll down.

Eric Petersen

My review of Pinnacle Event, by Richard A. Clarke has been published by The Internet Review of Books.

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