Monday, July 27, 2015

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

William Bartlett

My July column is up at in the ‘Word from Dad,’ feature. This month, it's “Coyote Aria,” and also available in print in KC Parent magazine.

Aaron Troye-White

 The first story I ever submitted to the fiction group, "A Thousand Paper Cranes" will appear in an upcoming issue of The Tampa Review (either issue 51 or 52). 

By my count, that'll be in a year or so. The accepted draft preceded the group's work shopping, but I'd still like to thank all who helped with develop the story further. 

Eric Petersen

My review of the novel Supersymmetry by David Walton has been published by the Internet Review of Books.

Wayne Scheer

My comic flash, “The Future Mrs,” has been accepted for the August issue of the new print and online versions of A Long Story Short. This story was written in the Practice group just a couple weeks ago.

Jody Ewing

Execs from the Iowa Newspaper Association (INA) and the Des Moines Register contacted me, and they wanted to discuss the INA partnering with Iowa Cold Cases for a new weekly, ongoing series about Iowa's unsolved homicides, with the Register premiering the launch with several stories and an interactive map.

Each weekly piece will run simultaneously in all participating daily papers statewide. The weeklies who chose to participate will run the features on their regular weekday schedule.

I'll be providing contact info and what case details I have to the respective papers, and each story (written by a staff writer from that city's paper) will link back to the victim's page on the Iowa Cold Cases website.

The series launches today, July 26, but several of the stories are already online. There's an interview with me here and an interactive map of the state's cases here.

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