Monday, October 12, 2015

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Pamelyn Casto

Today Fiction Southeast published my article titled "The Magic of Storytelling: Films in a Flash." The essay also features scores of mini-movies you can watch online, including some major award winners.

I loved doing the research and for the article I brought in quite a variety of films (every genre I could locate from standard to highly experimental). I'm pleased to see this one published and some of the films are unforgettable. See the article and the links to the mini-films here.

Theresa A. Cancro

I have several yahoos for September and October. For some of these, you may need to scroll down to read the poems:

One haiku was selected for inclusion in From the Icebox Inbox #36.

Two haiku published in the September 2015 edition of Cattails.
One haiku in October "Happiness" issue of Brass Bell (haiku are arranged alphabetically by first names):
One short-short nonfiction piece is included in Lost Paper's collaborative "Shoe Stories" feature, also listed alphabetically by first names.
Two haiku published in Plum Tree Tavern on October 1st and October 6th.
Two haiku have been published in Shamrock Haiku Journal, Issue 32, October 2015.

One poem, "See how the goddess reaps," published in Jellyfish Whispers.
One poem, "Inert at the Door," published in Pyrokinection. Many thanks to Poetry-W members who provided valuable feedback for this poem.

William Bartlett

My October column is up at in the Word from Dad feature. Entitled 'Too Old to Trick-or-Treat,' it’s also available in print within the pages of KC Parent magazine.

Peter Bernhardt

Mona has been gracious enough to invite me to write an article on her blog. In addition to shameless self-promotion, I took the opportunity to put in a plug for IWW. :-)

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