Monday, November 16, 2015

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

David Russell

Thumbprint News, a Michigan regional, published my article, “After School Special: Serving Robotics,” in the November issue. The issue is in PDF form.

Joanna M. Weston

Two poems from my book, A Summer Father, are up at 7Beats, Here and Now with stunning photos by Thomas Costales: “To Obliterate,” and “The House Martin.” Scroll way down.

Jody Ewing

1. I received a letter from Chris Mudge, Executive Director of the Iowa Newspaper Association (INA), notifying me the INA has named me a "Friend of Iowa Newspapers" for partnering with the INA on its year-long project, “Gone Cold: Exploring Iowa's Unsolved Murders.”

2. On Oct. 27, I did a Skype interview with Karen Lajon, international grand reporter from the La Journal du Dimanche Paris newspaper. Karen, considered one of the top five worldwide correspondents, was just beginning a new five-part series.

The series features five separate women from all around the globe who'd been the first to make a foray into a "strange and/or unconventional career field," and prove to be not only successful but make a significant impact on lives and the world around them. Again, I felt honored to represent US women and the changes we are capable of making. The story is here (in French, of course).

3. Two Iowa attorneys (both former county attorneys who now work in private law practices) were fueled by the work I've done with Iowa Cold Cases and the "Gone Cold" series, and have partnered up to work with ICC to pursue criminal indictments on specific cases, and both will be working pro bono. They'll be meeting with me soon to go through some of the case files I've put together.

Lynne Hinkey

My latest book review of "Between Lions and Lambs" is up at Underground Book Reviews. It's a rather scathing review (2.5 stars). I thought I'd feel worse giving it, but I don't. Instead, I feel a bit of resentment toward the author for my wasted time reading something that had clearly never seen an editor. Particularly sad given the writer's bio... he has an MA in Creative Writing, and has apparently won some writing awards.

UBR provides good guidelines for reviewers--and lets authors know when they offer their book up for review and it's selected, they will get an honest review. That means they have to be prepared to receive fewer than 5-stars, something that seems to worry authors on Amazon where everyone thinks because they published a book it deserves 5-stars. This author could have clearly benefited more from some time on IWW than he did from his time in the CSU-Sacramento creative writing program!

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