Monday, June 27, 2016

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Sheri McGregor

I'm really grateful that Joi of Self Help Daily reviewed my latest book, Done With The Crying:Help and Healing for Parents of Estranged Adult Children. She is a JOI-ful individual, and her site is a wonderful and positive place.

Check out the review if you'd like, and while there, consider leaving a comment--and absorb some of her good energy too!

Lori Sambol Brody

A new flash is up at the Vignette Review: “The Girl Who Flies with the Superhero”

Rick Bylina

I was told to do some bragging. A review of, Kill All Cats, is up on the Internet Review of Books site. Follow the wonderful link and let the words in you sink.

Paul Pekin

Lisa Romeo, editor of Compose, blogs on Submittable about “How Lit-journal editors think,” and speaks of my story, “Cars,”  and even provides a link to it.
Plus, just was informed my short story, “Under the Bridge,” will be out this week in the Little Patuxent Review which is holding a launch party in  Oliver's Carriage House: 5410 Leaf Treader Way, Columbia, MD. Too far for me to travel, sigh.

Guilie Castillo-Oriard

A new, and very generous, review of THE MIRACLE OF SMALL THINGS is up on a few blogs (and Amazon and Goodreads and Tumblr and all sorts of places... this blogger knows her social media).

After 10 months out in the world, it's refreshing to know the book is still being read, and I hope this blogger's review will help new people find it, too. Here's a link to one of the blogs. Thanks, IWW... None of this would be possible without you! :)

Joanna M. Weston

Another haiku up at the Plum Tree Tavern.
Mona Leeson Vanek (MT Scribbler)

Another descendent found their ancestors in my Behind These Mountains, Vols. I, II & III series. Lana Bunch left a comment.

Wayne Scheer

This one almost slipped by without me calling attention to, the story.  “Southern Charm,” was up at The Flash Fiction Press on June 21.

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