Monday, June 13, 2016

Our Members' Publishing Successes

Lynne Hinkey

I'm getting ready for the 7/1 launch of "The Un-Familiar" so working up some pre-release publicity. Today, I have an interview up at The Magic of Books, and "Ye Gods!" is the spotlighted book at BookinglyYours. The first chapter is available to read there, if you're interested!

My review for Marion Vargas Llloras' "The Discreet Hero" is live on the Internet Review of Books. Thank you, Gary and Bob, for all your great work making the IRB one of the best online book review sites out there on the great wide web!

I have another interview up at Connie Cockrell's blog.
Joanna M. Weston

One haiku in A Hundred Gourds, p.14. Scroll down, I'm at the bottom of the page.

Wayne Scheer

I won First Place and $25 in Mini Contest #30 at On the Premises. The idea of the contest was to open a story giving away a twist ending in less than 50 words.
I rewrote the start of a story of mine with a surprise twist. I think I like it better this way.  With the reader knowing the truth from the start, it's a very different story. The original story was critiqued in Fiction a long time ago.

My short story, "Doing Penance," is up at A Long Story Short.

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