Monday, July 11, 2016

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Charles Hobbs

A few days ago, a representative from "Metro" (Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority) called me and asked me a few questions about the research I did for my book.

She wanted a few more details than I written about - I was happy to share my sources. This was for a podcast that Metro plans to roll out in a few months.

Rick Bylina

Mel Jacob's review of "Kill All Cats" is up at Gumshoe Review.

On Friday, July 8, "Kill All Cats" will be the featured book on the North Carolina Writers Network (4,000 members strong) BOOK BUZZ site.

On Sunday, August 8, "Kill All Cats" will have its world premiere public reading at The Joyful Jewel (art and book store) in Pittsboro, NC from 4 to 5 p.m.

My interview on OmniMystery is live here. More about "Kill All Cats" than you may want to know. (insert evil laughter)

Guilie Ormond Castillo

I just heard from the Pure Slush publisher that my story, “Summer Love,” has been accepted for their 'summer' anthology (coming in August or thereabouts). Submissions have now closed (I made it just under the wire), but here's the link to the page in case anyone's interested.

Pure Slush runs a couple of print anthologies a year (at least), and several online issues revolving around different themes. No, it's not a paying market, but working with the editor is a pleasure (and an education).

Pamelyn Casto

My experimental haibun was originally published in KYSO Flash and I was paid well for it. That same haibun was also selected for publication in a "best of" anthology (I got a free copy of the anthology when it was released).

A reviewer of that anthology gave me and my haibun quite favorable mentions in Haibun Today. I thank Theresa Cancro for telling me about the review. I'd have likely missed it altogether if not for her.

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