Monday, August 1, 2016

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Joanna M. Weston

My article on 'Editing my own poetry' is up at Inanna Publications.

Eric Petersen

My review of the novel A Brilliant Death by Robin Yocum has been published by the Internet Review of Books.

Steven Smith

My translation into Esperanto of my Flash Fiction piece, "Night," which was originally published in Children, Churches, and Daddies" for the June issue, will appear in "La Beletra Almanako #26" (The Almanac of Belles Letters, #26) as "Nokto". 

Okay, I give. It's flash fiction rather than prose poetry, since two journals in two different languages have made that determination.  For those of you who can read Esperanto, you can order a copy of the journal now.

I actually get payment for this one, since I get a free copy of the journal in which it appears. WHOO!

Sheri McGregor

An interview of me about my latest book and about writing appears as the "member of the week" spotlight for the Nonfiction Authors Association. IWW is mentioned as well.

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