Monday, August 15, 2016

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

David Russell

Before having my celebratory coffee, I want to inform you I have a story titled, “Not This Place,” is at Flash Fiction Press. I credit your critiques in part to this success!

Eric Petersen

My review of The Heavens May Fall, a mystery novel by Allen Eskens, has been published by the Internet Review of Books.

Wayne Scheer

A comic sketch, "Summertime Ain't No Time to Sing About," has been accepted at Dead Mule. It'll be up either August 21st or September 1st.

Dead Mule has been kicking around since 1996, publishing stories, essays and poems by Southerners - even those born in Brooklyn like myself.

(As long as you have a passing relationship to the South, like if you've ever eaten fried chicken or made fun of a relative, you're close enough.)

Rob Britt

Murder Mountain, the short prequel to my Eli Quinn mystery series, just published (ebook only, Amazon). I can’t thank this group enough for the great help with the early chapters, which set the stage for the whole story, and to other folks who've helped critique my other books.

The giving of time and energy in this group is amazing. Full disclosure: At 10,000 words, Murder Mountain is obviously not a novel, but ties into my novels (and each is a stand-alone, too).

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