Monday, September 5, 2016

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Wayne Scheer

My poem, "raindance," has been accepted at Plum Tree Tavern, and will be up in about a month.

Behlor Santi

My flash fiction "Skinny," originally critiqued on the FICTION list, is at Foliate Oak Literary Magazine. Thanks to everybody who helped me make this story shine.

Deepa Kandaswamy

My article was published on Mint last Sunday.

Theresa A. Cancro

I've had a number of successes over the summer months and wanted to pass these along.

1) Brass Bell - September 2016, kitchen haiku.
2) Wild Plum Haiku, page 38. (Note: It takes a while to load.)
3) Daily Haiku, one haiku republished on August 12th (This haiku originally appeared in Modern Haiku, Vol. 47.1)
4) Cattails - May 2016 - Featured poet article, including over a dozen new works (haiku and tanka) and several reprints.

Three senryu: one two three.
5) Ribbons, Spring/Summer 2016 One tanka sequence, entitled "Still One." (Print only.)

6) Shamrock Haiku Journal, No. 34 - three haiku. Scroll down.

7) Presence Haiku, #55 - Two haiku. In addition, One haiku of mine, published in Presence #54, tied for second place in the readers' awarding of Best-of-Issue, which was a nice surprise. (Print publication.)

8) The Weekly Avocet - (email journal to subscribers of 'Avocet, A Journal of Nature Poems')
- #183 "When Elephants Pray" and one spring haiku
- #193 Five summer haiku
9) Pound of Flash, June 9th - One drabble, "A Team" -- Many thanks to those in the Prose-P group who provided valuable feedback on this piece.

Lynne Hinkey

I have a book review of "The Enigmatologist" and an interview with the author, Ben Adams, live at Underground Book Reviews.

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