Monday, September 19, 2016

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Elma Schemenauer

I recently spoke on Saskatchewan [Canada] history & historical literature at the library in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, including references to my 1940s-era Saskatchewan Mennonite novel, consider the Sunflowers, which some of you may remember critiquing on Novels-L.

Les Denham

In 2007 I joined my brother to drive 5000km across Australia in a 21-year-old Land Rover. I kept a diary and took lots of photos.

I wrote a narrative of the drive, and formatted it into a full color, hardcover book. Five copies are being sold to members of the Australian Land Rover Owners. At US$60 per copy, quite a significant profit for me.

Paul Pekin

My story, Circus Freddy, subbed on the fiction list not so long ago, is now published on a little Internet Magazine called the Sediments Literary-Arts Journal. You will have to navigate the site.

Sediments uses a platform called ISUU which I find very confusing, although  a patient person can work it. I have another longer story coming out later this fall on the same platform, but in another magazine.

Bob Sanchez

Vietnam veteran and former combat photojournalist Bill Crawford wrote his illustrated memoir Just Like Sunday on the Farm: Crawdaddy Remembers the Nam and After.

I helped him get his project ready for publication on CreateSpace (proofreading, formatting, layout, etc.) and the paperback is available now. The Kindle e-book will be ready soon. If you want an idea of what it was like to be a typical grunt in the Vietnam War, this book will interest you.

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