Monday, October 3, 2016

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Wayne Scheer

My poem, "rain dance," is up at The Plum Tree Tavern.

Bob Sanchez

My review of Saladin is up at the Internet Review of Books.

Silvia Villalobos

My short story, Blurred Reality, was released by Solstice Publishing on in e-book format.

The story was subbed on the fiction list under a different title (The Father), was subsequently accepted for publication in an anthology, then selected to be published as a standalone.

Joanna M. Weston

My senryu in Brass Bell Haiku, a really fun issue.

Scroll down and you'll find Theresa Cancro and my entries in alphabetical order by first name. The requirement was to write them on September 22nd.

Aaron Troye-White

After over a year of waiting, my short story, “A Thousand Paper Cranes,” is in the issue 51/52 of The Tampa Review. Thanks to those in the fiction group for all the help. Time to retire...

My story, “An Endless Act Two,” was named an honorable mention in The Cincinnati Review's Robert and Adele Schiff awards for fiction. Just to be in the final rounds for one of my favorite journals really gives me a charge. Thank you to the Fiction list for going a few rounds with this one.

Steven Smith

My Flash Fiction piece, Loops, is up at Children, Churches, and Daddies. Also, I have a poem up at The Plum Tree Tavern, Blue Heron.

Judith Quaempts

My short story, Journeyman, has been accepted by Young Ravens Literary Review for Issue 5 (don't know when that is). This story was submitted to Fiction a long time ago and has been rejected more times than I care to say because its content was deemed 'not quite right for our magazine.'

Normally, that would cause me to seek help from writers with more experience to find out what I was doing wrong, but in this case, having handed it to a young tribal member early on, and being told by him not to change a thing because the story 'brought' his grandfather back and the things he tried to teach him.

The amazing thing about this acceptance is that only 30 minutes passed between my submitting it and hearing back. The submission period runs through the end of Oct for those interested in submitting.

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