Monday, November 14, 2016

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Wayne Scheer

My comic flash, “Prince Charming,’ is up at Flash Fiction Magazine.

My short story, “Lives Intersect,” has been accepted at The Literary Hatchet. This means ten dollars is mine, all mine. If you write "dark" fiction or poetry, defined very loosely, this seems to be a good place to send your work.

They respond promptly to your submission and they pay when they say they will. What's more, since they publish out of New Zealand, if you get something accepted, you can call yourself a paid, international writer.

The editor of Big Pulp wants to include my story, “Doing God's Work,” in an anthology he's publishing.  The story was printed in Big Pulp a couple years ago and since he pays a penny a word, he's paying another $24 for the anthologized rights to the story. I'm rich, I tell you. Rich!

Thanks to the Fiction folks for critiquing this one. If you write dark-ish genre stories, Big Pulp is a good site.  They've been closed for a while, but they plan to reopen for subs soon.

Lynne Hinkey

My article "So you want me to review your book"--recycled from an old blog post of mine--is up at Underground Book Reviews, where I'm a reviewer.

UBR reviews indy-published books only (self-pubbed or small-press, nothing affiliated with the "Big-5" including their vanity publishing subsidiaries).

There's no charge, and also no guarantee your book willbe selected for review once submitted. If selected, it will receive an honest review.

Barbara Taylor

A story of mine, "The Bricklemeyers," has been accepted for the March issue of Lady.

Judith Kelly Quaempts

An excerpt from my story, "Journeyman" and a brief interview is up at Young Ravens Literary Review. The full story will appear later this month. I have the Fiction list to thank for help with this one.

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