Monday, June 26, 2017

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Jeannette de Beauvoir

This is a double yahoo, since I completely forgot the first one (things have been a little hectic): my hard-to-fit-into-a-genre novel Our Lady of the Dunes came out in February from Homeport Press, a small publisher focusing on authors from Cape Cod; and yesterday we launched a new mystery series with the first novel, Death of a Bear.

The series will involve mysteries that take place during Provincetown’s different theme weeks. The first chapter of Death of a Bear is available as a free download. If you’d like to read it, contact me off-list. We plan to publish two mysteries in the series every year, which is ambitious and I’m already exhausted just thinking about it!

Theresa A. Cancro

One haiku of mine appears in the June 2017 issue of Stardust Haiku Journal. Scroll to page 3.

Cezarija E. Abartis

Thanks to G.K. Adams, who read this in another workshop, Zoetrope, in April 2015. That was before I joined IWW, and it seems so long ago. "The Legend of Nice Women" has come out in the print TAMPA REVIEW. It's also available on the Project Muse database.

You may want to let friends know that they can find your work through most college and university libraries - and in many public libraries as well.

Deepa Kandaswamy

My latest published on Mint on Sunday. Was away on assignment and hence posting it now.

Lynne Hinkey

My review of "The Last Detective" by Brian Cohen is now up at the Underground Book Reviews site.

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