Monday, March 12, 2018

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Lori Sambol Brody

I have a story up at Smokelong Quarterly Today, "The Sky Is Just Another Neighborhood."

Dave Gregory

In a ten hour stretch yesterday three of my stories came up online. I found all three publications from other Yahoos posted here but in case anyone is unfamiliar with the online journals/blogs, all three accepted my stories within twelve hours of submission and published them within four weeks.

I sent the piece to the Short Humour Site, went to bed, and it was online by the time I woke up!. None paid, unfortunately. The last two publish stories and poetry. All three stories were written prior to my joining IWW.

The Short Humour Site (Southampton, England): Just a short, silly piece. (300 words)

Soft Cartel ("somewhere between Florida & Cuba"): This work shows my frustration with magazines refusing to publish my stories in favour of more formulaic ones. (1400 words)

Eunoia Review: (Singapore): Using corn as a metaphor, this piece shows how far the main character has come from nature since childhood. (2100 words)

Kristen Howe

Thanks to everyone at the Nfiction list for helping me out with two hubs, one new and old to be revised.

Last week, Hub Pages had published my Pillow hub without any plagiarism errors. And just now, Hub Pages has just moved my Editing and Revision (part one) hub to Hobby Lark. You guys are the best!

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