Monday, December 3, 2018

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Eric Petersen

My review of A Risky Undertaking For Loretta Singletary - A Samuel Craddock Mystery by Terry Shames, has been published by the Internet Review of Books.

Dave Gregory

"Irene" appeared November 28 in The Piltdown Review. "Irene" was never submitted to the Fiction List. It is a lengthy ghost story I've been tinkering with since about 1995.

"Prague Metro" appeared November 29 in Train Literary Magazine. I need to thank Cezarija, Frank, Chioma, Paul, Charles Chettiar, Tony, Eric, Steven, Hagar & Aaron for help and encouragement on this story.

"Praia da Ursa" appeared November 30 in Levee Review's first issue. [RIGHT ARROW to Page 1]. Praia da Ursa was the first story I ever submitted to the Fiction List, almost a year ago. Wayne, Paul, Frank, Kristen, Abhinav, Aaron & Cezarija all gave helpful advice on this piece.

"Eighteen Dollar Shoes" was nominated for Pushcart Prize XLIV by Bull & Cross. The publication has already been "Yahooed" but the nomination is an exciting development. The help I received from the Fiction Group no doubt turned this from a good story into a Pushcart Prize-worthy one.

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