Monday, February 4, 2019

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Rasmenia Massoud

The Sunlight Press has published my story, "We Could Be Heroes" and put it up online.

Sunlight pays $25 USD, promotes well on the various social media outlets, and is friendly and professional, so maybe give 'em a whirl next time you're subbing.

Thanks as usual to fiction for helping me sand the scratches and dents out of this one.

Diane Diekman

Thanks to the Nfictioners who critiqued my review of *Moe Bandy, Lucky Me: The Autobiography*. It's up on the Internet Review of Books.

Dave Gregory

"Late," my third published story of the year, is now live at Anti-Heroin Chic. It only took the editor nine hours to send an acceptance. Huge thanks to John, Paul, Wayne, Jacki, Aaron and Mel for providing feedback.

This two minute read is about massage at various stages of a relationship - and about a pregnancy scare.

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