Monday, October 7, 2019

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Chandrika Radhakrishnan

A short story of mine is up on StoryMirror.

Wayne Scheer

I have a short poem up at Plum Tree Tavern.

Paul Stenquist

I don’t have a lot of time for personal writing projects. I spend 8 or more hours a day in my office, writing newspaper articles, corporate magazine features, employee training scripts and more. But over the last 13 years I did manage to finish a novel. At least I consider it finished.

Of course the old adage says one should toss out the first novel and begin a second. I have recklessly thrown caution to the wind and published it through KDP. I haven’t really tried to market it yet, but may work on that. It’s mildly erotic and violent and would probably be rated R, were it a film. It’s available on Amazon.

Dave Gregory

My story "Good News" can now - for the first time - be read online in Eunoia Review. This piece was critiqued in the Fiction Group and originally published last year in a print-only journal which is now defunct.

The story is a 22 minute read and is about the writers' group that invented Jesus. Think "Shakespeare in Love" meets "The New Testament."

Joanna M. Weston

I have two poems up at Shot Glass Journal.

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