Thursday, March 1, 2007

IWW to Have Member Link Page

We'll be using the IWW web page for links to member pages. The page is now under construction.

To give it meaning, we're using the format of:

(Line 1) URL link.
(Line 2) A brief description of the site / purpose.
(Line 3) A maximum of 20 keywords by which users can find links of
value. We feel it's much better than just a list of links.

Here is an example of one member's proposed link, as that person might send it.

Carter Jefferson, listing new and old publications, things writing students need to know, his family history, and useful writing links.

writing, teaching writing, publications, stories, essays, humor, memoir, writing links
If you'd like to be added to the page, you should submit your information, as noted above, to Greg Gunther.

Our link, in that format, is:
A free workshop where writers can get and give critiques. Our motto:
Write - Critique - Learn.
Keywords: fiction, lovestory, novels, non-fiction, poetry, writing
practice, script writing, flash-brief fiction, yawrite, essays,
marketing writing.

We can also provide a copy of the IWW logo in 150 or 200 pixel dimensions.

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