Friday, May 25, 2007

How I Found the IWW: Or, "Thanks, Max Barry!"

  • I read about your website from a writer who wrote an article on the website called:
  • I found this site on The Purple Crayon website.
  • I found you with a search on Google, I believe.
  • I heard about IWW through the author site/blog of Australian writer Max Barry.
  • I found the site when I was looking for academic writing sites on Google.
  • Max Barry. I don't usually go to book readings/author sightings, but I made an exception for Max.
  • I found your website via a Yahoo search.
  • Your site was recommended to me by a member of a support group I attend.
  • My group leader gave me the url of your workshop and said she had referred others to it who had found it welcoming, although I don't believe she herself is a member.
  • Using
  • I found the IWW from a link by reading the group's blog.
  • I heard about you on

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