Tuesday, June 5, 2007

How I Found the IWW ...

  • *I found you through Max Barry's website.
  • *My English Professor ... told me about this workshop.
  • *I found your Workshops by Googling "writing workshops."
  • *My narrative nonfiction and fiction wasn't doing so well as I never made a complete study of my craft; my learning was sloppy and spotty and so was/is my writing. I got on the forum at www.writersweekly.com, and as I got familiar with the place asked for a critique.
  • *I found out about this workshop through a friend.
  • *I was recommended to the Internet Writing Workshop by the Writer's Digest.
  • *I found you through a link on Forwriters.com web site.
  • *I found this workshop via Google.
  • *I found out about these workshops through a friend.

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