Monday, June 18, 2007

IWW Members in Print and Published

  • Martha writes "Yahoo, my first ever, anywhere! I have a poem in Allen Itz's "Seven Beats a Second." The poem was invited by the editor, Allen Itz, and I am delighted to be in this website devoted to poetry, art, music, and also prose from all over the world from the well-known, the less well-known, and the unknown. It's a stunning site. Have a look! My poem, found fairly near the beginning between two smashing photographs, is entitled "exhilaration, then and now."
  • Carey Link reports "I've just received news that my poems "Labadee" and "Labyrinth" will appear in Poem, an international journal published by the Huntsville Literary Association, formerly affiliated with The University of Alabama (UAH). Interested poets are welcome to submit. Poem has been in publication for 40 years, "recognized as one of the finest poetry magazines in the United States." More information and submission guidelines are on-line. Search under Programs.
  • Tracie Breiter says she "had an article published in my local newspaper, the "Ventura County Star", on June 10th. It is titled, "Don't let anyone squash dreams." It can be found online.
  • Mridu Khullar reports "My story "Marriage Bureau Specializes in India's HIV Widows" appears this week on Women's eNews. Special thanks to the members of NFiction for helping me fine-tune it."
  • Dawn Goldsmith notes "my essay for CSM ran June 12th in Home Forum? The title: A Patchwork of warmth and hope -- in 10-inch squares. I also have a piece coming out in Funds-for-Writers edited by Hope Clark. The article is "Just Write and the Rest Will Come."
  • Ally Peltier says at "the suggestion of some of you critters, I turned a previous post here about choosing sample chapters for agents into an article titled, Begin at the Beginning: Choosing the Right Sample Chapters for Agent Submissions" and submitted it to Writers Weekly. They will be publishing it in about a month -- I'll let you know when it's out. I'm excited -- I have published with Writers Weekly before and saw a nice bump to my business' website. I really like the publication and the people who run it. The EIC, Angela Hoy, does a lot of good work on behalf of writers."

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