Monday, June 11, 2007

IWW Members in Published

Roger Poppen said "My novel, Mister Lucky, has just been published by the POD company, Thank you to folks on Novels-L who critted it a couple years ago, and to Writing members who helped with queries, synopses, blurbs, etc. While I had hoped to go the legitimate route, via agent, publishing house, and my face smiling out from the shelves of Barnes & Noble, I've had to accept the fact this will not happen. The more I hear of difficulties that even well-established writers have with contracts, marketing, etc., it's not just sour grapes when I say that POD is the best course for this book. Bob Liter summarized it very nicely in his recent comments on the e-book advantage on this blog. There are a slew of POD companies. I selected because of the relatively low initial investment, its user-friendly website, and the prompt, helpful people that run it. For those thinking of POD, I advise you to do your homework and shop around."

Dawn Goldsmith notes "Yahoos: Three articles sold to Quilters World; an essay on writing to FundsforWriters; Two essays (one travel, one Home Forum) in Christian
Science Monitor; One essay in Writer's Weekly."

Liam Guilar says the therapist is everybody's favourite aunt will be published in the next edition of Crannog. My I recommend Crannog? It's a print journal out of Galway. They publish both poetry and short fiction, you can submit by email and they have submission deadlines for each issue which means that you'll know within a month of that date if your work is going to be used or not. Payment is by contributor's copy.

Lynn Edge says "I rarely submit haiku alone, but when one is accepted, it is a big yahoo for me. My haiku appears in this issue of the Heron's Nest."

Ruth Douillette reports "On a whim, and with the every ready encouragement of Carter, I sent some photos to flashquake. Much to my surprise, and delight, I am the featured artist for the summer issue. In addition to the cover photo, there are more photos in the gallery, each with a link to a description written by Roger Paris, the art editor. Later I received an email telling me that an essay I'd submitted to Chicken Soup For the Coffee Lover's Soul is a finalist for that book. Not a sure bet, but still . . . not bad for a tea lover! And a nice boost for this beginners soul. A version of it was critiqued a while back on nonfiction, when I actually had time to write and submit. There is always good support from that list. Thanks."

Alice Folkart said "I seem to have a fan in the editor of a poetry blog cum literary journal, 7beats a second - Here and Now. I have two poems in this week's issue.
Publisher/editor/poet and photographer Allen Itz is always looking for new work. He's getting over 1000 hits a week, so anything published in 7beats/Here Now is getting seen and read. This is, like so many e-zines, a labor of love, so the glory is the pay, exposure and potential clips. This week's issue is up now, usually new issues up on Saturdays. This is my fifth or sixth appearance in Here and Now - what can I say? My poetry is not great, but Mr. Itz likes it. I can also say that I'm in pretty good company - he has nice taste and is always finding new/old interesting work. I sent him some flash fiction, and was surprised when he accepted and published it. He has said that he will always consider short work outside of poetry."

Moni Deepa notes "My flash fiction piece, Road Kill, which I subbed some time ago to the Fiction list, has been published in Temenos, the online literary journal of the Central Michigan University. This is a non-paying on line journal ... the editors were good to work with. They sent a galley to proof before publication. Response time was also quick, around three months."

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