Monday, August 13, 2007

IWW Members in Print and Published

Ellen Achilles

My poem "During an Epileptic Fit, Ida Saxton McKinley has a
Premonition of her Husband's Assassination" has won Third
Place in the InterBoard Poetry Competition. Thanks to all the
wonderful people on the poetry list for their critiques.

N.B.: I still don't feel this poem is *done*. I'm quite sure it will
continue to evolve (some ideas from the critiques are still circling
in my head). But if you'd like to read this poem as it is *for now*,
go here.

You'll need to click on the link "Winning Poems" at the bottom of
the page.

Martha Galphin

I have a poem in this week's Here and Now, Allen Itz's blog of
poetry and photography.

It's called "Now That We Are Dead."

Alan Girling

My short vignette "Mirrors" has just appeared in the Issue 2 of
the print mag Thereby Hangs a Tale. It's in good company with a
Wayne Scheer story as well. This issue's theme is Birth.

Dawn Goldsmith

Book reviews in Foreword Magazine and Clarion, and another at

Another essay sold to the Christian Science Monitor: "The Fair
Traditions"--it was critted on nonfiction. Thank you, everyone!

With a lot of help from my friends, I've started a second blog, this
one devoted to quilting and fabric arts, but will rely on essays as
well as articles and interviews and news briefs. And of course lots
and lots of art. It's here.

My original blog is morphing a bit into an opinion page, but that
may only be temporary: My latest essay sale to CSM
originated on this site. So blogging is definitely good for my

Ann Hite

I was approached by Literary House Review to become an
associate editor. This is a print magazine owned by the same
person who owns Skyline Magazine, where I've published
many stories. I'm excited because the owner is great to work
with and wants only the best writing and art.

This can't hurt my writing credits.

Wendee Holtcamp

My feature on offchannel reservoirs, "Dams on the Side,"
appeared in the July 2007 Annual Water issue of Texas Parks &
magazine. NFICTION members critiqued this one!

I gave an invited guest speech at the University of North Texas
Nature Writing Symposium in April. My topic was "Changing the
World One Story at a Time." NFICTION members critiqued this
speech and I've put the text of that talk online here.

Kristen Howe

The Blue Fog Journal has published my poem "Blazing Sunrise"
in the PDF/print version of their Anthology. Scroll down to
page 88 to see my poem.

Speedpoets, an Australian market, accepted my prose poem
"Storm Chaser" for their June issue, back in May, I didn't get a
copy of confirmation, but found out during my follow-up
inquiries. I have to pay $10 for my copy though, which I'll send
out this week. It's not yet posted at the website, but I'll let you
know when.

Louisa Howerow

My story "The Climb" is up on Amarillo Bay.

The story and excerpts were first subbed to the Fiction and
Practice workshops; I'd like to thank the members for their help.

Amarillo Bay accepts fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry.
Check it out.

Mel Jacob

Thanks to Carter, my bit on reviews from the Writing list now
appears on the blog of The Internet Review of Books. Thanks,

(Well, she put it there; I can't very well deny her freedom of
speech, can I? C.J.)

Carey Link

The Birmingham Arts Journal, published by the Birmingham Art
Association in Alabama, has accepted my poem "I Cannot Be
'Perfect' And Creative." You can find more information about
the magazine and art association here. They accept national
and international submissions.

Dinsa Sachan

When I was flipping through the pages of Scientific American Mind
last year, I wondered if I would ever be able to see my
name on its pages. When I started freelancing in earnest this year,
I knew I wanted to pitch them, but I held back because I couldn't
imagine why would they hire an absolute rookie like me. But
eventually, the desperate writer inside me won, and I shot a query
at them. And the rest, as they say. . . .

Here's my latest publishing success: "Behave Yourself! Kids who
can control their impulses do better in school." Yes, in Scientific
American Mind

Wayne Scheer

My story "Choosing to Live" is up at Long Story Short. They
have it listed under Romance. The story was critiqued in Fiction
not too long ago under the title "A New Man." As usual, you guys
helped make it better.

Also, thanks to Carter, I dug through my notes to find something
to submit to the IWW blog. I fooled a bit with an old response to
a Writing discussion and decided it might fetch me money. It
did--a princely $15--for publishing it at T-Zero, The Writer's E-zine.

Sorry, Carter. I never did send it to the blog.

Scott Wiggerman

My poem "How to Make a Pigeon Cry" led off last Saturday's
New Verse News. (Scroll down to August 4.)

What makes this so exciting for me is that I had just revised this
poem the day before, emailed it to New Verse News and had a
response in my in-box the next morning informing me that it had
been accepted and was already online! Talk about fast response!
I've never encountered such a thing--I'm still stunned! That's less
than a 24 hour turnaround.

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