Monday, August 20, 2007

This week's IWW Yahoos~

Hi everyone! My article, "The Care and Feeding of Editorial Assistants," appears in the September/October issue of "The Writer's Journal," a print magazine. This was a reprint sale. For more information about me or to view other works, please visit my website Ambitious Enterprises
~Ally Peletier

I entered a literary competition run by Central Queensland University. I live in the region and won the Regional Poetry contest and the $100 prize. One poem and two short stories (at least one was Open -Australia wide not just the region) received "highly commended." My work will be published in their annual magazine, but they want $15 for me to buy a copy, so I'm $85 ahead. The poem was "Night Swimmer" which was critted on the poetry list. Many thanks for the help.
~Jan Sullivan

I learned this morning (my 5-year wedding anniversary, no less) that "flashquake" has accepted my creative nonfiction piece, Tattoos and Butterflies. It will be on their website September 1 through November. Thanks to ALL the practice folks, and then nonfiction folks, who helped me hone this piece - a tribute to my grandfather.
~Julie Mcguire

It's been a long, long time coming, but one of my wildest, weirdest, and earliest stories, The Origin of Freaks (rejected umpteen times by umpteen little magazines and websites) is now available in the 1st edition of a new Canadian print journal called "Galleon." My story was the first one editor Lee Thompson accepted. Check out "Galleon". The edition is for sale. The price is a little steep, but so was my story's journey to publication. I'm confident it's worth the price of admission.
~Alan Girling

I just got my article "Formalising Member Education – Make the Jump!" published in the September issue of the "IRFocus" magazine, which goes out in print. I had previously written an article for them, which was published in their April issue. These were both technical pieces, though my dream is to publish fiction. With the help of all the folks in the practice and novels list I'm hoping this will become a reality soon.
~Zeldeen Miller

Following spring publications of three haiku in "Roadrunner" (in the archives), five in the print journal "Paper Wasp" out of Australia, and two on "Tinywords" (the first and the second.) The summer has been good to me, too. "Wisteria," a lovely little chapbook out of Texas, accepted one of my haiku for their summer issue and "Bottle Rockets," a perfect bound collection out of Connecticut accepted three others.

Yesterday, my first 'batch' of haiga appeared on "Simply Haiku." I've learned a lot since these were accepted a few months ago. That's the great part about being a beginner; improvement is easier to notice. Lol
~Susan Constable

Water Forest Press, which publishes "Literary House," has asked me to accept the position of Senior Editor, heading Media Relations. What will I be doing? I will edit chosen manuscripts. I will also write press releases and work with authors in marketing their books. This is a new side of publishing for me. But I think it will be interesting. Water Forest Press is not a traditional publishing house, but it isn't a complete POD. Water Forest targets hard to publish manuscripts; such as, poetry books, short story collections, and novellas. They are open to novels. I have been instructed to work with manuscripts of only the highest quality. I think it will be fun and allow me to become involved in the other side of writing. I will still be Associate Editor for Literary House Review. And like I said last week, this can't hurt my writing credits.
~Ann Hite

A humor piece I've always thought funny without being able to sell it finally found a home. "Accent History" is in the current issue of T-Zero Xpandizine, "The Writer's Ezine" published by Writer's Universe.
~Gary Presley


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