Monday, September 3, 2007

IWW Members in Print and Published

I thought this short "Yahoo on Yahooing" ought to be the lead for
this week's collection of triumphs by members of the IWW. Wayne
Scheer posted it to our Writing List, where members exchange
news and views on writing:

"I hope the admins don't mind me offering a public congratulations
to Dean West s first publication and to comment on the importance
of offering yahoos when we get published. For me, one of the most
important aspects of being part of the IWW has been the
encouragement and market information I've received from
members yahooing their successes. This was true when I joined
IWW a few years back and it's equally true today. People ask me
where I get my markets from and I tell them that most have come
from IWW yahoos.

"I know some folks feel awkward bragging about their successes,
but I hope they realize that their yahoos serve a real purpose
beyond self-aggrandizement. I assume Dean discovered Literary
Tonic through one of my yahoos and it inspired him to send off a
story of his after receiving positive critiques from the Fiction List.
His yahoo is a natural way of saying thanks and giving back to his
helpful critiquers. Without the yahoo, we wouldn't have known
that our critiques helped Dean, and it just might inspire others to
send off a story to continue the cycle.

[Dean's Yahoo was posted on last week's list.]

"I'll be yahooing soon, I hope.


And he did, indeed! See below.


C. Eric Banister

My first submission to the group (the small article on the band
Cherryholmes) was published in the LEO (Louisville, KY) this
week. It is my first piece for them! Thanks!

Peggy Duffy

I got my copy of Cup of Comfort for the Writer's Soul with my
essay in it, "Learning to Listen." If you click on Share
Your Story, you can see upcoming themes they are looking for. This
is my third publication for Cup of Comfort, and Colleen is just an
outstanding editor to work with.

Also got notification from LaChance publication that Voices of
Breast Cancer, an anthology by LaChance Publishing, profits
which go to The Healing Project, is forthcoming next month. My
essay, "Connecting," appears in the anthology. If you click on
Guidelines, you can see upcoming themes they are reading for.

Lastly, received notification from Chiara Borelli, the Italian
translator who submitted her translation of my short story, "First
Thing in the Morning," to a contest sponsored by an Italian
publishing house
, has made the finals (there appear to be three
finalists). I am thrilled for her and thrilled that she selected
my story. I don't read Italian, but if you visit the publication's
website, you can scroll down to FINALISTI and SEZIONE
IN FONDO AD UN AMORE (which appears to be my story title).
She sent me the translation of the story, which looks beautiful in

My monthly real estate article is here.

Peg Frey

Had a nice note from Barbara Jacksha at Cezanne's Carrot. CC
will be running my short fiction, "Michael in the Sky," in their
autumn issue due out September 21st. This particular piece started
right on the Practice Board. (Practice has been very, very good to
me). So has Cezanne's Carrot. This will be my third appearance.
Thanks to everyone who read the original draft and encouraged the

Cezanne's Carrot has a rather unique spin. Their mission statement
reads, in part: "At Cezanne's Carrot, words and images explore
the higher aspects of human nature, the integration of inner and
outer worlds, and the exciting threshold where the familiar meets
the unknown. " Guidelines can be found here. Per issue, the journal
selects two "editors' picks" for fiction and nonfiction submissions
and pays $25 on those selections. A writing contest is in the works for
CC's Winter Issue.

Kristen Howe

My two acrostics, "Piccolo" and "Violin," were both accepted by
Silver Wings as my second submission. The editor liked them and
feel they may both be used for a future issue of Silver Wings. When
I know when, I'll let you know which issue. Yahoo! Double blessings
before Labor Day Weekend!

I got my issue of Hummingbird today to see my haiku. There's a
note, unfortunately, saying it's the last probable issue, due to
equipment failure. I'm glad my poem made it.

Louisa Howerow

My short story, under a thousand words, "Alice McKay Talks to
Herself ," is up at Apollo's Lyre.

Thank you to the Practice List for the prompt and for the input I
received from the members.

Guidelines can be found here.

All the best!

Mel Jacob

Four books reviewed for Gumshoe and SfRevu; one review appears
in both. Enjoyed reading all, but found D'Almeida's Musketeer
Mysteries fun. She uses Dumas's characters and his world to craft a
rich series of murder mysteries. Great descriptions and nice character
development. She expands the relationships among the four men and
enlarges their history. Lots of lessons here for world building and
showing description. D'Almeida also writes as Sarah Hoyt.

Mridu Khullar

It's pouring acceptances, and I'm not complaining! Non-Fiction
members may remember an essay I was particularly fond of: "Love
and the Little Green Man." I found it a nice home. It appears online
now on


Dinsa Sachan

Another one of my articles, "Boost Your Body Image," went up
today at Jen fashion magazine. Body image is something I have had
issues with, and writing this article was kind of therapeutic.

Wayne Scheer

I know you're probably getting sick of me yahooing, but this one
should also be listed as market information.

Our own Ann Hite is beginning an online literary journal called
The Painted Door. She has accepted four stories of mine, two
reprints and two unpublished flashes for the first issue. She is
also honoring me as "The Writer of the Month." Her plan is to
publish multiple works by one writer a month, so start
submitting now.

Carole A. Sutton

A wee yahoo and thanks to those on NovelsL who have been
critiquing my crime fiction novel Redback. The opening chapters
have now reached the Top Ten on the British Arts Council funded
program ---YouWriteOn and is currently running number four.
But it's having a rocky ride and is constantly changing places with
others on the charts.

If anyone is interested in looking it up, go to
Menu on the left click Top Ten.

Redback is my third crime fiction novel to be subbed on the List.
The last two also made the Top Five in the YWO program and
gained professional crits from well known writers. Ferryman went
on to become short listed in the Dundee International Book prize.
But I haven't done anything with it since. Draper's Wharf is
currently sitting on some publisher's desk waiting to be read.

Kind regards for everyone.


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