Monday, October 1, 2007

IWW Members Published and in Print

Alice Folkart
I've had another poem invited to Here and Now/7Beats. What can I say? The editor sees things in my poetry that I don't see myself. And, I must say, my work does look better there than it does in my notebook. Take a look if you like. Just keep scrolling until you find me -- and, as you go, you might see some stuff that you'd enjoy. Some good things there.

Charles Hightower

I received word today that I placed somewhere in the top 10 for Residential Aliens' Micro Fiction contest and will be published in the Oct 1 issue. No prize money involved, but the recognition is nice. More details to follow later in the week.

Kristen Howe
Hey, everyone! I got my copy of Soul Fountain's fall issue today in the mail. My poem, "Wallflower" is now featured. At the website, it hasn't been updated yet, so I'll let you know when it's up. I finally got my copy of the Storyteller three weeks late (first copy got lost in the mail), today. My poem "First Crush" is in the issue, along with book reviews, short stories, Q&A on writing, etc. It's not online, but better late than never. Hooray!

Ellen Lindquist

My flash fiction, "Daredevil," was selected as one of the finalists from over 600 submissions to The Binnacle's Ultra-Short Contest. The winning stories will be printed on individual cards and mailed out in a box, evidently (in keeping with the definition of the word "binnacle").

Adam Lowe
Yesterday I received an email from the editor at Kaleidotrope, offering to publish my short story "Paradise" in the April 2008 issue. As some of you may be aware, this story was critiqued here on the Fiction list, so thanks to everyone who offered comments! Yahoo!

Bob Sanchez
Last weekend my wife and I stopped for lunch in Texas on our way home from seeing our son, and at the register I saw two small stacks of self-published books for sale. Hmm, thought I - my bright red novel would look good right there on the counter. A conversation ensued. The clerk wrote the owner's name on the back of a business card. The next day I wrote the owner, who promptly agreed to purchase a carton (26 copies) of When Pigs Fly. I love Texas.

Wayne Scheer
Two of my stories have become available online. "First Date" is in the current Ken*Again . "Surprise!" is in Poor Mojo's Almanac(k). For those of you who remember this one, "Surprise!" was published in Literary Tonic just last month, but Poor Mojo said they wanted to publish it anyway as soon it was off Literary Tonic's site and I regained the rights to the story. No money exchanged, but I've published enough in Poor Mojo to receive a T-shirt. They also owe me three beers.

Joanna M. Weston

Two poems in Ken*Again - It's great to be in there with two other members of the list.

Ellen Kombiyil

My poem, "Demeter's Response", is now up at Eclectica. Eclectica has an ongoing series of "word poems", featuring poems containing four pre-chosen words. My poem was written in response to this challenge. Next issue's challenge words are listed on the link above, if anyone is interesting in jumping in on the fun ... The wonderful poets on the poetry list provided invaluable feedback, which helped me transform this poem -- I feel like the poem has blossomed. Thank you, all. Eclectica publishes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, travel, reviews and interviews. For more information on this market and writer's guidelines, click here.

Dinsa Sachan
I can't believe it. I will be joining b5media as their cricket blogger. The blog launches officially on October 2nd (though I have already made a dozen posts). This is my first stint at blogging. I am real excited, especially since most (read: all) cricket blogs are by men, and this one seems to be the first by a female fan. Talk about creating history. Ha. Hope this is lots of fun. I like that there's no one polluting my voice, and that I make all the rules. I like being the boss. Oh, and it's about the game, not the insect.

Mel Jacob
2 more Gumshoe review: Oct (13th Apostlesa) and Nov(Beware False Profits) and SFRevu Nov (Lady of Light and Shadows).

Gary Presley
I recently received an email from the editors of Cup of Comfort that a story I wrote long ago and far away had been selected as the featured story for the July 2008 issue of Cup of Comfort for Cat Lovers. After my prose poem appeared in Brevity, I was invited to contribute to Brevity's Blog, which I did by writing a post about how "Proselegy and Coda" was drawn out of the air.

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