Monday, October 29, 2007

IWW Members Published and in Print

Once more, a wonderful mix--reviews, poetry, stories. Our people in
IWW are producing fine work, and editors are noticing!

Alice Folkart

Three of my poems are in this week's edition of 7beats-Here and
. Follow the link and scroll down four or five poems to mine.
You might like some of the stuff along the way too - wonderful
images and some good writing.

Dawn Goldsmith

I have been writing a few reviews for Foreword Magazine and its
sister company Clarion. I like these particular assignments because
I get the chance to offer suggestions, a bit more than the usual review.

Charles Hightower

I just heard from Writer's Digest. Their 76th Annual Writer's
Digest Writing Competition this year drew over 19,000 entries. No,
I didn't win, but I've made the honorable mention list with my piece,
"A Father's Secret." The tale started out in life as a piece on the
Practice list.

Ann Hite

The Marlo Thomas book The Right Words at the Right Time, Vol. 2,
Your Turn
, which has my story "Surviving Mom," is out in paperback.
It stayed in hardback for almost two years.

Monideepa Sahu

Dear friends,

I just received my copy of Temenos, the literary journal of Central
Michigan University.

This is the annual print anthology of work "chosen for its literary
and artistic merit from the fall and spring issues of the
corresponding literary journal." It looks like a neat 100-page
paperback book, black and white artwork on the cover, thick, good
quality paper and printing. Most of the pieces are poems. There are
five pieces of fiction, one of which is mine ('Road Kill' subbed here
ages ago), and three non-fiction pieces. Thanks again to everyone on
the Fiction List who helped me polish the story.

Temenos accepts unsolicited manuscripts of poetry, fiction, creative
non fiction as well as artwork year-round. Guidelines are available

Wayne Scheer

I've published two short humor pieces.

"Saying Good-bye to Uncle Lester" will be published in the
November edition of Long Story Short. The story was originally
written for Practice a month or two ago. Thanks to everyone there
for their critiques.

Also, my story, "Lentil Soup," is up at 7 Beats a Second. Click on
Here and Now and my story is the second piece down, after a long poem.

Thanks, again, to all of you.

Joanna M. Weston

A review up at

And two poems in Canadian Woman Studies, a print journal out of
York University--one I'm always very proud to be published in. Both
poems were critted on the Poetry list - cheers and thanks to you all!

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