Sunday, October 21, 2007

This week's practice exercise

Exercise: Lighten up! (Version 2)

Prepared by: Margery Casares
Reposted, revised, on: Sun, 21 Oct 2007


Exercise: Write a scene in 400 words or less in which light--dim or
bright, colored or white--plays a part.

In many scenes in stories of all sorts light is not even mentioned--it's
taken for granted. But light can affect characters and action, and
sometimes it's important. Light has color, character, and motion,
and it affects the scene, even if characters never think of it. It can
create a mood or lead to a discovery; it creates shadows, and may
hide something important.

Choose words to show the light by keeping in mind that your
description must reflect the disposition and mood you wish to create
for the reader. Light may not be the main factor in the scene; it may
be merely a part of the setting. Still, it has an effect, and in this
scene make sure that effect shows up.


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