Monday, October 22, 2007

IWW Members Published and in Print

Lots of interesting successes this week, some of them a little different from the
general run. But every one a triumph!

Ruth Douillette

The Christian Science Monitor published an essay I'd called "Harvest
of Memories"
in the Home Forum section of their October 17th edition.
I'd written it two years ago, closer to my father's death, but had
submitted it too late in the season for publication. The editor asked
for it again the next year, but for some reason didn't publish it. So as
they say, "The third time never fails." I hadn't submitted it anywhere
else because CSM is where I wanted it.

Home Forum editor Judy Lowe is nice to work with, and once encouraged
me to add to something I'd submitted. I did, and she published it. This
type of give and take between editor and writer is not easy to find, but
much appreciated. Here are Home Forum guidelines.

Ann Hite recently published a reprint of a story called "What If?" that
had been published in Under Our Skin, an anthology on Breast Cancer,
in her e-zine The Painted Door: Stories Plain and Simple.

In both cases, I have the good people of the Non-fiction list to thank
for their help and support.

Peggy Duffy

I'd like to publicly congratulate Ann Hite on her new online
magazine, The Painted Door, and Yahoo my short story "Cuban
Cigars," which appears in this issue alongside some very fine writers
whose names and works I recognize. I'm pleased to appear in the
premiere issue.

Also received my copy of the Healing Projects Under our Skin
anthology, Voice of Breast Cancer, in which my essay "Connecting"

I cannot recall if I yahooed Cup of Comfort for Writers. My essay
"Learning to Listen" made the book, which I received last month. .

Also received two copies of Coal City Review this week in which
"Her Little Secret" appears. This began as a Practice exercise.
Thanks all on that list for their input on that submission.

The woman who translated my short story "First Thing in the
Morning" into Italian came in second in the translation contest. She
has approached the publisher and they are interested in publishing a
collection of my short stories in Italian! We've yet to work out the
details and I am trying to figure out some online program she
recommended where we can call for free--skype.

Lynn Edge

My haibun "Daydream," critiqued on the Poetry list a while ago, is now
up on Contemporary Haibun Online. It is in the section which will appear
in a print anthology later.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support and critiques.

Peg Frey

Hi All!

I'm going to follow Peggy D. with a similar yahoo concerning The
Painted Door
. I have two pieces included in Ann Hite's inaugural
issue: a short story, "Before the Light Was Gone," and a flash,
"Moment to Moment."

There are several other workshop members who have work included
in the premier issue, but I'll let them wave their own flags.
Personally, I think Ann deserves a round of applause for a job well
done. What a huge amount of work!

Here's a wish of good luck and future success to one of our own.

Ann Hite

My Black Mountain story "Stake Through The Heart" will be
published by Feel The Word, a great new online magazine, in their
November issue. Gabriel Ricard, the editor, is in real need of music
and film reviews for the debut issue. Also send him your stories of
any reasonable length.

Email your submissions to him at this address. He likes them in the
body of the email or as a Word doc. And check out the magazine. It's
a real honor to have my story published in here.

Wendee Holtcamp

Host Sidney Wildesmith interviewed me yesterday about writing on
the Wild Side News: Nature Talk Radio, a San Diego based radio
talk show. You can listen to the interview here. ("Want to be a Nature

In the interview I talk about what it takes to be an environmental writer
and journalist at their website. Check it out! Click on "Segment 2" and
then forward past the "news" to minute 9:14 if you don't want to
listen to the news before it.

Kristen Howe

Hi, everyone. accepted one of my three
poems for this summer edition, next June. "Whistling Winds" made
it, a simple tercet. Every issue, she picks one poem per author. This
is my second acceptance from Liz Fortini, who was at the Muse
Online Conference forum last week. She accepted "Blisters" in
November, 2005. Yahoo!

And today I got my copy of Speedpoets via mail from Australia.
Since there's no TOC or page numbers, my prose "Storm Chaser"
is on the seventh page. It's not shown on the website. Guidelines are
listed in Poet's Market's 2008 Edition. Hooray!

(Now I have to hear from Silver Wings, Quantum Leap and Nomad's
Choir between now and 2008.)

Louisa Howerow

My poem "A Question to Those Who Have Been Successfully
Transported" is in the October, 2007, issue of Kaleidotrope. It may
be my only sci-fi poem, but it was fun to write. (I don't say that
about a lot of poetry.)

Kaleidotrope comes out twice a year--it's a small, approximately 8"
x 7", stapled magazine with some black and white art work--that
accepts fiction, non-fiction, poetry and black and white art that
focuses on the speculative and/or fantastic. The bios of most of the
contributors reflect publications in speculative/fantastic/horror
genres. Those who know the field may recognize Bruce Holland
Rogers and Cathy Buburuz (editor of Champagne Shivers). Others
seem to have come from away, e.g. , Alyce Wilson, co-founder and
editor of Wild Violet.

Submissions are by e-mail. Fred Coppersmith sends out two copies.

Mridu Khullar

My piece "The World on Wheels," about an amazing woman who
cycled from Norway to India was published in the Oct 2007 issue of
ELLE (Indian edition). NFiction members helped me tremendously
with it.

I came close to leaving the group a week ago, and realized more than
ever how much of a support system this is and how much I depend
on it. I'm ever-so-grateful for writers who help me polish my work
and give me tough love, and for the admins who keep this place
running. I know I don't thank them enough.

Thank you.

Carey Link

There's an interview/review in The Huntsville Times with me and
some of the poets appearing in Whatever Remembers Us:
Anthology of
Alabama Poetry, including poets Bonnie Roberts and
Jennifer Horne . You can read it at

And I have an essay on the Exploring Spasticity web site. The site
has other good information. I'm honored to have my work there.
Please consider reading the posted entries. They're positive, true
and sometimes humorous.

Adam Lowe

From Louisa H.: "I forgot to mention that member Adam Lowe will
have his short story published in Kaleidotrope in the Spring
issue--he yahooed this last September."

Says Adam: "Thanks! Yes, Kaleidotrope is a very interesting and
well-written magazine. I was immediately obsessed as soon as I
read it. I'd recommend it for submissions."

Shayla Mollohan

My poem "Killers" is in the new Fall issue of The Rose & Thorn. It's
a wonderful journal and the editors are fantastic, such as Senior
Editor, Cesar Garza. They are very supportive of their writers. You
might be seeing other IWW writers appearing on this site soon! Do
send them your best work but it's a delight just to visit the site and

Anita Saran

My short story "Panic," critted on Fiction, has just been accepted
for the online issue of Skyline's Spinnings. I'll let you know when
it's coming on. Thanks for those who read "Panic" and offered

Wayne Scheer

Despite a spate of rejections, I've come out pretty well after all . . .

Greensilk Journal accepted my story, "Family Man," critiqued in

Burst has agreed to reprint a creative nonfiction piece, "The Old
Man," also critiqued in Fiction.

The big news, of course, is I'm honored to be Ann Hite's Featured
Writer in the premier issue of The Painted Door. She published five
of my stories, new and old ones.

My story "Demons" is available in the current issue of Bent Pin

And, finally, I'd like to announce the start of a new ezine, Feel the
, begun by the son of a former IWW member, Susan Townsend.
Gabriel is looking for stories, poetry, essays on music and interviews.
He accepted a story of mine, "What's Wrong with Being Lazy?," for
his first issue, due out in November. He accepts reprints. Contact
him here.

Jan Sullivan

I have written a small book.

I went to three Writers' Festivals in one month (one was a poetry
festival) and wrote them up in a 76 page book A3 sized paper. It is
spontaneous and personal, trying to give people a sense of my
experience and to learn along with me as I learnt. It's free, but I'm
suggesting people make a small donation to Bundaberg Writers Club
(for the running of our small festival) or to a charity of their own. If
anyone would like an e-mailed copy as an attachment, you're most
welcome. Just email me and I'll send you one.

There are some sample articles at my blog.

Mona Vanek

Because of a medical emergency I didn't make it to the Idaho
Writer's League author's signing event at Hastings, in Coeur
d'Alene, Idaho, as planned. However, my workshop attracted the
largest audience of any at the IWL Conference that day. I based my
presentation on my book, Access The World & Write "Your Way"
To $$$, The Ultimate Internet Directory (With professional
advice) For Writers

No doubt being attired in bright purple & pink plaid PJs topped with
an almost florescent pink robe, and opening with descriptions of what
other professional writers wear created the perfect, humorous
beginning. (Special thanks to all IWW members who confided in me
and allowed me to tell.)

How thrilling to watch everyone relax into a receptive mood, and
learn about using the Internet and e-mail to boost their writing
careers! IWL officers said they received very good feedback on my
workshop. Several books and CDs sold, too. New students enrolled in
the FREE course I send via e-mail, which indicates I whetted their
interest. Best of all, my captive audience heard what a supportive and
helpful list this is, and everyone received handouts illustrating
IWW's importance.

All of this is possible only because so many IWW members
generously share insights and information, and give me their
permission to add it to ... The Ultimate Internet Directory (With
professional advice) For Writers. Thank you all for making
me a successful and popular speaker!

Chris Weigand

Hi All,

I just wanted to share a new article that has been published in a
brand new e-zine, The Painted Door. Go to Stories, Stories on the
left hand menu and then click on my name or just read all the

Enjoy and let me know what you think. Thank you and God Bless,

Joanna Weston

A story of mine up at The Painted Door--cheers to Ann for her
effort! I don't often submit stories so I'm really happy with this--and
it's a fun one, too.


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Wow, so many success stories this week. We're really making great progress as a group.

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