Monday, November 5, 2007

IWW Members Published and in Print

Not many this week, but the ones we have are choice!

Rebecca Coleman

I hope the group doesn't mind a yahoo for the first review of my
novel, In Stereo Where Available--because I am so happy about it! It
was the one fiction selection listed on the Library Journal Xpress
Reviews section for the week of 10/23, in company with new releases
such as Amy Grant and Rosie O'Donnell's new books. Here's a

"With her charming debut, Anderson has created an appealing new
subgenre—the kinder, gentler chick-lit novel.... What works so well
in this novel is that the any-meet-cute setups never overwhelm the
realistically drawn romance of the very likable Phoebe and Jerry.
Nicely done. Recommended for public libraries."

Yaaaaaay! I don't expect 100% positive reviews, but this is a good
start--as is the other review I came across today on a blog, which
was also positive. Consider the book is largely intended to be funny,
I'm relieved it's coming across that way to these readers-- with
humor you run a scary risk of not be as funny as you'd hoped to be.
I'm hoping the Library Journal review will lead to a lot of sales to
public libraries, and crossing my fingers and toes for more of the

Incidentally, I credited the Internet Writing Workshop in the
acknowledgments section, which appears at the front of this novel.

Peggy Duffy

I am not sure if Susan Townsend is still on Writing, but she has been
busy publishing anthologies at the request of Adams Media. She
kindly asked me to contribute an essay to A Bouquet for
Grandmother. Wayne also has an essay in the anthology. I received
my copy the other day, and it is lovely. Cover and link to the book

Wayne Scheer

I knew when I wrote my Yahoo this afternoon I was forgetting
something, so let me just piggyback on Peggy's Yahoo. Susan's book
is beautiful--I've been wrestling it from my wife in order to read
it--and I feel honored to have had her include a short piece about
my grandmother in it.

I don't think of myself as the holiday type, but I've had two holiday
stories accepted this week.

"Holiday Spirit" will be published in The Painted Door. Thanks,

"Home for the Holidays" has been accepted by Apollo's Lyre.

Thanks to all.

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