Monday, November 12, 2007

IWW Members Published and in Print

Another good report! Put your money on the IWW's
writers--clearly, they did better last week than the stock market.

Norbert Brown

You can read my review of the 2002 film "Close Your Eyes" at Feel
the Word now! Thanks to Ann Hite for posting the link to this
e-magazine. My review is here.

Amber Hall (Litton)

I have a music review up at Feel the Word. This is the first article
I've had published by an e-zine.

Kathy Highcove

My local branch of the California Writers Club awarded me first
prize in the October writing contest. (We have monthly contests.) I
sent in a flash fiction piece critiqued by the Practice-W List:
"Homecoming Presents." I won a frame for our car license plate
that says "Write On." I think it will probably decorate a wall
somewhere in this office, not the car.

Today I attend a speech given by NASA astronaut John Herrington
to a local NASA Explorer School community. I'll report on the
speech for a local newspaper.

Onward, write on, IWW Critters!

Ann Hite

Yes, I'm following on Wayne's yahoo. My short story, "A Stake
Through The Heart," has been published at Feel the Word.

It's a great magazine and I loved working with the editor.

Kristen Howe

Hi, everyone. Yahoo!

Illogical Muse has accepted "Golden Orb," my second submission to
them, for either the spring or summer issue next year. This is my
second acceptance from them. In January 2006, they accepted and
published "Safety Net." My other two poems were rejected, though.
I'll let you know when next year. Here's the link.

Associated Content has published my latest article, the third part of
my series on articles on the television "Upfronts," pilots and
cancellations. I submitted it a week ago. It was rejected four times,
even when I fixed them--I'm waiting to hear back from AC. Even
though there's no payment for the performance payment, I'll get
paid $1.50 for every thousand. Yahoo anyway!

Feel free to check out part one and two, which I published this past

Long Story Short has accepted all three poems I submitted for my
second submission, "Eventide Inferno,""Cold Case," and "The
Reward for Being Published and Accepted," for their November
issue this month. There's no pay, just as for Illogical Muse, for this
magazine. This is my second acceptance from LSS. Last year, they
published "Autumn Sunset" in September 2006. I'm waiting to hear
from them for my Christmas poem for next month's issue. I'll let you
know when it's up before December.

Robert Hyers

I put up this yahoo ages ago, but the story is finally live in Locust Five. It's
"Gangstas in the Basement" which was critiqued on the Fiction List
in two different versions. Once again, thank you guys so much for
all the great crits! It never would've been good enough to find a
home otherwise. If the mood strikes you, here's the link.

Mel Jacob

Now I get to join Wayne and others in The Painted Door. Ann has
accepted my short story, Castles.

Also more reviews accepted by Gayle: A Corpse for Christmas in
Gumshoe, The Pearls (fantasy) and As Fate Decrees (fantasy) in

Guess I'm on a roll here!

Wayne Scheer

Amber's recent yahoo made me realize that my story, "What's
Wrong with Being Lazy?" is also up at Feel the Word.

I want to thank the editor, Gabriel Ricard, for publishing this story.
It's always been one of my favorites.

You'll find other IWW members in Feel the Word, but I'll let them

I know you're getting tired of me, but I just discovered that a
Practice flash of mine, "Saying Goodbye to Uncle Lester," is in the
current issue of A Long Story Short. They list it as a Thankgsgiving

Please let me brag about how I found out the story was up. A
woman I don't know sent me an email telling me how she enjoyed
the story and how it reminded her of an incident in her life. I love
fan mail!

Thanks to all.


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