Monday, November 26, 2007

IWW Members Published and in Print

A short week, this one, with half the IWW travelling over the US
holiday--but still a fine harvest of triumphs!

Peggy Duffy

A few weeks ago I yahoo'd my short story in Trillium Literary
. Some people emailed me they had problems with the
formatting of their issue--that is, accessing. Not sure if that's the
reason why or not, but Trillium Literary Review on their main site
now has alternate issue viewing, which is a PDF.

My story begins on page 88.

Kristen Howe

I've heard from Sue Scott, the poetry editor of Long Story Short. She
answered my inquiry on my Christmas poem and the other poem in
my batch of three. She said that my Christmas acrostic poem is great,
and will be published next month for the Christmas poetry page. As
for the third poem, she said I can resend it to her and she'll have it
published in January. That's great news! Yahoo. That's five months
published at LSS. I'll be resending that poem today. There's no pay
for LSS. I'll post the link when the poem's up.

Mel Jacob

This isn't for me. :) My daughter has made her first sale, an article
on health issues to a local paper. On top of that she's working with
Publish America (I told her what I know about them and not to
expect much, but the contract looked ok and they aren't asking for
money) for her poetry collection. Her comment: "Poetry's a hard
sell, Mom. I just want to see it in print." The local library already
expressed interest in a copy for their local authors collection.
Anyway, just had to share the reflected glory--she listed me in the
dedication, too.

Ellen Lindquist

My essay about living in New York, "A Mighty Herd of Doormen," is
up on Mr. Beller's Neighborhood. I also have three new flash fictions
forthcoming in Flashshot: Daily Genre Flash Fiction: "Lost Cat,"
"Change of Class and the Afterlife," and "Alien Son(s)." I've now
published 15 stories with Flashshot!

Julie McGuire

Last week I sent a Yahoo to the group that my essay "Tattoos and
Butterflies" had been selected for the January edition of The
Birmingham Arts Journal
. Well, it appears I got the essay wrong.

The Birmingham Arts Journal will be publishing another essay about
my grandfather, "The Patron Saint of Lost Passports." Thanks
again to all who helped me to get it into shape for

I must have incorrectly logged my submission. Now I have no idea
where I submitted "Tattoos and Butterflies" . . . hope it finds a home.

Joanna M. Weston

I've just discovered that a short story of mine, called "Between the
Lines," dear to my heart, is up at Bewildering Stories, issue
#263. It's how two plots get tangled . . . . I wish I'd known earlier!

A postcard story, "Bruised fennel," up at The Painted Door--with
many thanks to Ann Hite for this venue.

Two poems in The Prairie Journal, a print magazine out of Calgary,
Alberta, which publishes largely prairie-related poems. Happy days!

Scott Wiggerman

A great week for me!

First I had a poem published in Visions International, issue #77,
"Truganini" (you Aussies will know who she is--and the rest of you
should Google her!). Then I had a second poem published in
Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, issue #29, "My Chagall" (a poem
some of you may recall critiquing at one point). By the way, despite
its name, Borderlands is not just poetry from Texas and it's an
exquisitely done perfect-bound print journal of poetry and art; I'd
highly recommend it as an outlet for your poems, and it does like to
print international poets. (The website doesn't have #29 up yet--it
just came out)

Finally, an interview I gave about two years ago has finally made it to
publication, even if only online. It's in the Dallas publication of Edge,
a gay publication, and the article ("Testing the Waters: Queer Poets
of Texas") consists of Q&A with three gay Texas poets. I'm the third,
but they're all interesting.


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