Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If You See Reunion(dot)com

It's possible that Reunion(dot)com may use your computer to send a message to one of the Internet Writing Workshop's lists to which you belong.

Without your recognizing that you have given permission.

Here's the scoop, and possible remedies.

  • This post in no way makes a judgment, good or bad, about Reunion(dot)com, its business, or its means of doing business. It is posted simply to provide information about avoiding the use of IWW members' private computers without acknowledged participation of those members.
  • As always, no administrator of the Internet Writing Workshop or the IWW itself takes any responsibility for any information provided by any link posted. The information provided, the links posted, are possible tools useful to members who want to help keep the IWW lists free of spam and phishing and similar attempts to use the IWW's lists for intentions outside their purposes.

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