Monday, June 2, 2008

IWW Members in Print and Published

Here we go again! A great list of fine work by members of the IWW.

Barry Basden

Along with a lot of stuff from other IWW members, "Teacher" is in the June issue of Pen Pricks.

Good company, all.

Carol Hicks

My book review of A Voyage Round John Mortimer is in the June issue of Gumshoe, an ezine specializing in mysteries. It's listed twice on the front page. Just click on the listing to read
the whole review.

All due to PRACTICE sessions! They gave me the guts to try.

Ann Hite

My thirteenth and fourteenth stories have been published at The Dead Mule. These are a little lighter and prove Black Mountain does have a sense of humor. Enjoy.

And today the last of the stories is up. It's been fun.

Louisa Howerow

My creative non-fiction piece "Kovboy Movies" is up at Cahoots Magazine.

Thank you to the members of the non-fiction workshop who helped me revise the story.

Mel Jacob

I've mentioned some of these before. Have four reviews up at SFRevu this
month: Evernight, Troll Blood, Shadows Return, and Moon Flower. Have three up at
Gumshoe Review: Sacred Bone, The Secret Hangman, and When the Husband is the
Suspect (nonfiction by F. Lee Bailey).

Also Julie's review of Train To Yesterday is in SFRevu this month. Thanks, Julie.

Ellen Kombiyil

My prose poem "A Meeting with God" is up at MiPOesias. Many thanks to all
who offered comments on this one -- I couldn't have done it without you. And, I have to send a special thank you out to Alice Folkart, who believed in this piece the very first time she read it, warts and all. I think if it hadn't been for her encouragement, I might have given up on it. I'm so glad I didn't! Thank you, Alice!

The issue is "The Oldest Profession." Even though the button says "Buy - Download," you can click on it and download for free as a .pdf file. Download the issue and go to p. 38.

Thanks again for all your invaluable support, wisdom, and encouragment.

Frances Mackay

I have begun a blog Newsletter for my local area. So far I have had excellent responses. The address is Any comments greatly appreciated.

Julie McGuire

I was recently asked to be a freelance writer for two Richmond-area publications: Urge Magazine and Work Magazine. A column I wrote for Urge Magazine in their "work in progress" section, is in the June issue. Unfortunately not yet online.

My first piece for Work Magazine - a paying venue - will appear in July.

Jayne Pupek

My poem, "Speculation" appears in the recent issue of Juked. For others who would like to submit, guidelines are available on the site.

And Library Journal has reviewed Tomato Girl. I posted the review on my blog, but you can find it as well on the Library Journal site.

Wayne Scheer

I placed in two contests.

My story "A Neighborhood Story" won a Third Place prize in Skive Magazine's Fiction Contest. The magazine is out of Australia and has published a couple of my stories previously. They seem fond of "hard-edged" but accessible stories.

Also, my creative nonfiction piece "The Old Man" won an Honorable Mention at Writer Advice. The crowded webpage is filled with useful market and contest information, but you have to be willing to search for it.

Thanks to all.

Joanna M. Weston

Cheers! My review of Ryan Fitzpatrick's poetry book Fake Math is up at Danforth Review

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From Laurel Lamperd:

"Congratulations to everyone who has published this week. May you have many more successes."

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