Monday, June 9, 2008

IWW Members in Print and Published

Not so many winners this week, but what we have are just fine. And not the least of them is one from an IWW member who has been out of action for a couple of years, but is back now, and doing well. Welcome back, Pam!



Sue Ellis

Got an email saying another set of three poems have been accepted by
Dead Mule for late fall or early winter, don't have the specific issue yet. Yahoo!

Pam Houck

Pen Pricks accepted my 55-word ditty "Golden Achilles" for publication in July 2008.

Thanks to Peggy Vincent, who said in a recent Yahoo: “I know others share my delight with how many essays have had their genesis on the Practice Write List.” I agree, and though this piece is not an essay, most of my published work started on Practice-W. I rejoined the list and this is my first sub, previously titled “Drive-thru Dilemma.” Thanks for all the excellent crits, especially Albert who reminded me dialogue usually calls for contractions. And thanks to Barry on the Nonfiction List for the 55-word subs. I decided to try it for myself.

Some of you might remember me from when I was active on the Practice-W list before. I helped Rheal, Pat, and Florence develop some of the older exercises. The research helped me grow as a writer and I enjoyed it. I was dropped off all the lists because I couldn’t keep up with submissions and critiques due to medical problems.

I still have medical problems, but I’m trying a new approach.

The guidelines for the Practice-W list state: "Lurking on this list is not permitted. The minimum participation requirement for all members of the Practice list is a least ONE SUBMISSION and ONE CRITIQUE per calendar month."

That’s my new goal: one sub and one critique per month. As long as I can remain on home health care and am not hospitalized, I can manage that. If you critique my work, please don’t be offended if I don’t return the favor or send a thank you in a timely manner.

Adam Lowe

My short story "A Labyrinth of Entrails," critiqued on FICTION, was just accepted for Chimeraworld #5! It's the Nov/Dec 2008 issue.

It's a very, very, very extreme horror story about morality, hope, miscarriage/abortion, paedophilia and ickiness. It's really not for the faint hearted.

Heather Moore

Like several of you, I have two bits published in Pen Pricks this month. Mine are "History Lesson" and "Southern Discomfort." Incidentally, "History Lesson" was inspired after seeing some old, creepy, and strangely beautiful photographs at Mental Floss. Check it out if you like, but a warning: it involves photos of the deceased.

Laurel Lamperd

My novel Wind from Danyari has been accepted by Wings ePress. It is due for publication in October 2008.

And Long and Short Reviews wrote a nice review of my book, Substitute Bride.

Gary Presley

For those of you following the saga of what it takes to get from a fuzzy bucket full of essays to a memoir-in-print, I'm surprised to report the University of Iowa Press has invited me to give a reading at Prairie Lights Book Store in Iowa City on October 3rd.

My intelligent and sophisticated friends Peggy V., Dawn, and Karna tell me that Prairie Lights is a highly-respected venue for that sort of thing, and so I may even wear a tie.

If you happen to be in Iowa City that evening, I'll buy the first round.

Mithran Somasundrum

"Love Bites," a vampire story I submitted to the Fiction list a while ago, has been accepted by Zahir, a speculative fiction print mag in the US.

They reply relatively quickly and if you're outside the US they will take stories emailed as Word files.

Thanks again everyone who critted it!

Joanna M. Weston

A poem, with comment, up at Wizards Of The Wind And Other Strange Places.

It's on the right side; scroll down past the site addresses to "An old house."

Many thanks to all the poets who critted this one!


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