Tuesday, July 15, 2008

IWW Members in Print and Published

Not many last week. Summer doldrums? Nope, just making room for more this coming week. And what we have are great.


Sue Ellis

A flash piece I wrote for a practice assignment about two years ago has been accepted
at Flash Me Magazine. It will appear at the end of this month.

Dawn Goldsmith

My article about blogging for writers is in this week's FundsforWriters
newsletter. This free newsletter is a paying market and is available here.

Ann Hite

My story "Christmas Tree Hunter" will appear in the anthology Christmas Through a Child’s Eyes published by Cup of Comfort and Adam's Media. It will be in all major bookstores by the end of September as a trade paperback. The cost will be ten dollars. The exciting news that goes along with this publication is the endorsement of Paul Harvey, the radio announcer we’ve been hearing on the air for the past 50 years. After reading Weddings--I had a story in this book, too--he contacted the editor and asked to review the next collection. He was so blown away by the material he insisted on supporting it in any way he could. Also, Good Housekeeping will run an article of the book in their holiday issue this year. All good stuff for the writers.

I am really happy about this publication because this story is near and dear to my heart. It began as a practice exercise in 2005 several. What I love about this story is that it captures my father's essence and one of the few happy scenes from my childhood. This story actually took place in Germany in what I call the good years.

I'm off to mail my paperwork so I can get my check and advanced copy. This is just one of the moments that makes the business part of writing worth it all. Here's the link to Christmas Through A Child's Eyes on Amazon. Thought you might enjoy the art work.

Mel Jacob

Gave away a copy of Train and lots of bookmarks. Then sold three more at a
Civil War Re-enactment Ladies Tea. Now I have to get more books from the


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