Sunday, July 20, 2008

This Week's Practice Exercise~

Prepared by: Rheal Nadeau
Reposted, revised on: Sunday, 20 July 2008

Exercise: In 300 words or less, describe one or two characters using
physical cues only (no dialog this time) so we know what each character is
thinking or feeling. Don't tell us what that feeling is: let us figure it
out on our own.


Experts say that the majority of communication is non-verbal, such as body
language and tone of voice. For example, how often have we known something
was wrong with a friend or loved one, even though that person hadn't said
so? If she crosses her arms and taps her foot, you know something is amiss.

The purpose of this exercise is to make us think about how we detect so much
about the people around us. What are the physical signs that someone is
angry, happy, tired, skeptical?

These exercises were written by IWW members and administrators to provide structured practice opportunities for its members. You are welcome to use them for practice as well. Please mention that you found them at the Internet Writers Workshop.

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