Monday, July 21, 2008

IWW Mmbers In Print and Published~

More good news on the publication front from our Internet Writing Workshop members. Congratulations to all.
Ann Hite

My story "Christmas Tree Hunter" will appear in the anthology
Christmas Through a Child's Eyes published by Cup of Comfort and Adam's Media. It will be in all major bookstores by the end of September as a trade paperback. The cost will be ten dollars.

The exciting news that goes along with this publication is the endorsement of Paul Harvey, the radio announcer we've been hearing on the air for the past 50 years. After reading
Weddings--I had a story in this book too--he contacted the editor and asked to review the next collection. He was so blown away by the material, he insisted on supporting it in any way he could. Also, Good House Keeping will run an article of the book in their holiday issue this year. All good stuff for the writers.

I am really happy about this publication because this story is near and dear to my heart. It began as a practice exercise in 2005 several. What I love about this story is that it captures my father's essence and one of the few happy scenes from my childhood. This story actually took place in Germany in what I call the good years.

I'll give you a heads up when the book hits bookstands. I'm off to mail my paperwork so I can get my check and advanced copy. This is just one of the moments that makes the business part of writing worth it all.

Ellen Kombiyil

Hi everyone,

A couple of yahoos to report:

My poem "Emerging" is published in the current issue of
Polluto, now in print. Thanks to everyone on Poetry-W who provided such great comments and helped me shape this poem into its final form. Polluto is a self-described "anti-pop culture journal" out of the UK.

The journal is perfect-bound, with color artwork on the front and back as well as inside. All the issues are themed (this issue's theme is "Apocalypses & Garden Furniture"). Many thanks to Adam Lowe (
Polluto's editor-in-chief), whose yahoo on the inaugural issue led me to this market. As payment, received two copies. I must say the artwork is very cool.

Also, I have a word poem up at Eclectica. The challenge was to write a poem containing the words cistern, agate, target, and celery. You can read my attempt here.

I'm in excellent company with another writer from the IWW. (I'll let Jayne toot her own horn!). It's a privilege to be alongside such great talent.

Alice Folkart

Mornin' Y'all, (those on IWW and a few of my friends) my 'Fire' Practice-W story (slightly southified) is up at
The Dead Mule along with my 'Southern Legitimacy Statement.' Lovely editor, fast response, lots of praise (love it). I'm in good company there, Ann Hite's work is very well-represented and a joy to read.

I've also got a poem at the current issue of
Here and Now/7Beats - "It's a Matter of Taste." Just scroll down until you find a grainy black and white photo of a bird with a couple of lizards in its beak. Weirdly related to my poem. Brilliant editor.


Ruth Zavitz


My short story "Perfect Marriage" is in the summer issue of Fifty Something. The editor saw it in The Painted Door (on hiatus) and asked to publish it.

Thanks, Ann, (Painted Door editor) for the exposure.

Lesli Richardson

Okay, here's an official YAHOO!!

I found out yesterday from my publisher, Amira Press, that the release
date for "Love & Brimstone" will be 08-08-08. Personally, I think that's
a darn skippy date. *LOL*

Here's how I spent today, if anyone's interested:

Available for purchase on the release date at Amira Press.


Peggy Duffy

Wayne and other fine writers here have published at Sniplits. I received this email today:

Hi Peggy,

I just wanted to let you know that "A Temporary Measure" will be one of this week’s featured stories.

I'll post the link when it's up.

Bob Sanchez

It's been a while since I've seen any new reviews of When Pigs Fly, but today a lady I don't know posted a glowing review on several web sites, including Front Street Reviews. To read it, you'd need to go to the site, click the Fiction link, and then scroll down.

Did I mention that When Pigs Fly is self-published? And that I've sold three cartons-70+ copies-to one gift shop?

Vera Charline Wareham

Hello Everyone,

Recently five of my Tanka poems have been accepted for the next Atlas
Poetica – A Journal of Poetry of Place in Modern English Tanka
.For submission guidelines, check here.

Copies will go on sale on September 1 and will be available through Modern English Tanka Press on their website, or through their online fulfillment center.

This is the first time that I have been published in print since I joined IWW, and this is my first Yahoo here. I hope that I am able to make many more in the future as I have promised myself to submit my work more often. You can't get published if you don't put your work out there. For me, that is the hardest part. I am really enjoying being a member.


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