Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What Happens When You're on the 101 Best List

... if you're The Internet Writing Workshop, you get new members every day!

  • Again, I went looking again on the internet. I came across the Writer’s Digest article on the 101 Best Websites for Writers, and that’s where I found you.
  • I discover your site through Google Alerts.
  • I found the Internet Writing Workshop through a reference from Willamette Writers.
  • I found you by googling “writer critique.”
  • I found your site via a Google search.
  • I heard about the lists on Google. I was looking up "short stories."
  • This writing list was recommended to me by Nan Hawthorne who is a writer of medieval novels for whom I have provided some research and insights and with whom I am currently co-authoring a novel set in the early 1300s in Scotland .
  • Former member originally referred by Barbara Weitbrecht.
  • I found you in "101 Best Websites for Writers" in Writer's Digest.
  • I found you through a link at Writer's Digest.
  • I found the IWW in a general websearch for writing workshops and groups. I wrote to one of the admins of the Nfiction list (Gary Presley) with a few questions, received a delightful and encouraging reply, and am eager to join the IWW.
  • Just for your information, I discovered Internet Writing Workshop via Google search engine.
  • I heard about you from a friend on another writing group. congratulations on being named in Writer's digest poll of 101 best writing sites.
  • I found this site from a link that someone posted as a comment on a blog article about beta readers, when I was googling for beta readers.
  • I found this group through a recommendation by a member of the Book in a Week writing group.
  • I was a member of the psu Fiction and the Poetry list back in 1993, so I am acquainted with the list even though it has changed during those years. Recently I decided to rejoin and so I did a google search for writing related forums and found the home page of the IWW, thereby discovering how to subscribe to the workshops.
  • I found your site via an online search for writing groups and appreciate your willingness to allow me to join.
  • I heard about this website from Max Barry's very informative and helpful website.
  • I run a writers' group myself, called Writing in India, and several members there recommended this forum for fiction critiques. One of the members who did so was Uma Girish.
  • I linked to your page from forwriters.com site and would like to sign up for a few of your mailing lists, if possible.
  • I googled writing groups.
  • I heard about you from the writer.com article by Victory Crayne.
  • I found out about these lists through the Writer's Digest 101 best websites for writers 2008.

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