Monday, July 7, 2008

IWW Members in Print and Published

I guess Pen Pricks and Gumshoe and SFRevu magazines would have to close up were it not for reviewers from the IWW! Well, maybe not, but we're supplying them with a great deal of material. And there are some other triumphs here you must check out.


Barry Basden

Along with 55ers from several other IWW members, my '"Combat Surgeon" is in the July issue of Pen Pricks. Their latest guidance is that there will be no August issue and submissions, closed until 1 August, are going on a quarterly schedule.

Thanks to everyone who helped me hone my little entry.

Alice Folkart

I know that a couple of IWWers whose work appears in the July issue of Pen Pricks have already Yahoo'd, but I add my voice to theirs: my 55-worder "Playing Jacks" appears along with the others. Splendid showing. Some gems here.

Pam Hauck

Yahoo: Pen Pricks Party.

Congrats to everyone. Good to be included.

Where should we try next? :)

Joe Hendrix

OK, I have to tell someone, and no one's home except my dogs, and they could
care less. I just opened my e-mail and I had a contract from Coacoethes
Publishing House wanting to buy my children's book, Wally McWinkleBean:
The Noodle Adventure
. I want thank everyone on here that has helped me over
the last 6 months.

I'm just beside myself with excitement right now, so WOO-HOOO and YAHOO!

And I'm in Pin Pricks, too!

Carol Hicks

My second book review of The Chorister at the Abbey is appearing in the July Gumshoe Review.

Thanks to all who keep encouraging me in my goal of Grandma Moses of the writers' list.

Lynne Hinkey

Sorry for my lack of participation in the past 8 weeks or so. I was overly ambitious in thinking I could find time to write/sub/crit during our move from Germany to the US - including 3 weeks in a hotel in Germany and 1 week in SC. I've missed you all! We're now in our house and the Internet is connected, so I'll be back in the mix.

My creative nonfiction essay "The Lost Art of Funerals" is in the July issue of The Battered Suitcase.

Kristen Howe

Hi, everyone. Last week in my Yahoo I mentioned Quantum Leap. Well, today I got my copy of the poem in the mail. There's no website sad to say. Now it's an official Yahoo!

I have good news over the 4th of July weekend. One of my three poems, "Immerse Ourselves,"an experimental poem, has been accepted to be published in the 2/09 issue of Conceit magazine, a brand new one. As for pay, the subscribers vote on which poet or writer is their favorite for their month and receive a $100 stipend. If it's a tie, the prize will be split. I also assume it'll be online.

Mel Jacob

July reviews up in and in Gumshoe Review. Some I mentioned
before, but at least a couple of new ones added: Havemercy (a metal dragon)
and Blackness Tower, sort of a paranormal based on Celtic legend. Working on another stack of books, some for August, even one for October.

Carter Jefferson

Me, too, in Gumshoe--a review of Deborah Crombie's Where Memories Lie.

Rebecca Kellogg

My article on building a three-ring coupon binder is up at The Dollar Stretcher, which also a second article of mine on the benefits of purchasing a museum membership.

Frances Mackay

I received a nice surprise in the mail. I've been awarded two DPA (Distinguished Poet's Award) from a writing group in Brisbane. I did a couple of topics ("Pride" and "The Old Gum Tree") for homework and the leader of the group took them to a breakfast reading two weeks running and was voted winner each time. The award is - "a biro engraved paddle-pop stick with the winner's name and entry recorded for prosterity." I shall frame them and hang them in my writing space.

In the same mail I also received a check from my sales outlet for my new chapbook Here
There Be Dragons. It is also going well.

Gary Presley

A reprint of an essay about buying a cat for my not-yet-wife is the lead story in the newly-issued Cup of Comfort for Cat Lovers. I received a contributor's copy, but the essay isn't online.

I take great pleasure in this second sale, especially since it once cost me $15.42 an inch to have more than a yard of thread removed from the cat's innards.


Hi boys and girls,

I've just received a wonderful letter from a reader in New York. Her letter has catapulted me to Cloud Nine, and it's such a rewarding experience! :)

Here's what she wrote:

I just finished your wonderful novel. I enjoy reading historical fiction and this book was one of the better ones. I don't understand why I never heard of it before and why I had such trouble reserving it. I live in New York and my local library had to borrow it from a library in Philadelphia!

I must say it was extremely well written and was an uncomplicated read. You let the reader feel the emotions of the characters. I felt sadness at all the difficult situations presented to Kate and relief when she was blessed with good fortune and luck. I hated to finish the book. I learned a lot about the early settlers in Australia and the harsh elements endured during and after the cruel ocean crossings. I always enjoy learning history with a fictional cast of characters. I look forward to your sequel. How can I be informed when it will be available? Maybe you can put me on your email list (That would be great.)

In the meantime, may I suggest some good public relations? I believe other readers should know about your excellent style of writing.

/s/ Marilyn

It really makes the 30 years I spent in researching and then writing and re-writing my novel (published by 5 Star) so worthwhile. The thorough research I did will allow me to write the 3 sequels--all plotted out. :) I have not stopped researching, and I'm only on my 4th draft of my first sequel. But Marilyn's letter makes me want to get my sequel "finished" more quickly now. :)

It is so lovely to get great feedback from readers.

Thought I'd share this wonderful letter with you. It's why we write really, for our stories to be read and appreciated. A living income as an author would be good, but so few of us manage to achieve this. LOL

Harriette Spanabel

I see a number of us have gotten into this months issue of Pen Pricks. Include me, as I, too, have a piece there.

Wayne Scheer

I haven't been at my computer much the past couple of weeks, but I figure there's always time to brag.

Right after Barry's excellent "Combat Surgeon," you'll find my 55-worder "Conflict" in Pen Pricks. A number of other IWW writers are represented there as well.

My story, "Doing God's Work," originally critiqued in Fiction, is up at Big Pulp. A version of the story has also been published as a flash, as "The Browbridge Brothers," in Muzzle Flash. The flash version began in Practice. Big Pulp pays for genre stories--humor, mystery, science fiction, horror, etc. They paid me the day the story went up.

Also, my current favorite for flash stories, Shine Journal, accepted two more works, "The First Wife," and "The Classroom." They're scheduled for the September issue. The editor is enthusiastic. In other words, she knows how to flatter her writers and make them feel good.


Rebeca Schiller

I'm in the middle of a move. I was supposed to stay overnight at the new pad and unpack at least 1,500 books when I realized two hours into the drive to Shelter Island--after I had juggled with three dogs, my laptop, an overnight bag, purse, and God knows what else--that I forgot to lock my apartment door and I forgot to YAHOO my latest review now posted on Gumshoe Review.

I figured I could somehow piggyback on a neighbor's WIFI and Yahoo this earlier, but couldn't. Not too surprising since I decided to go into exile to the middle of nowhere (actually I'm a ferry ride away from the Hamptons). And no, I didn't unpack any of the books. I had to turn around with dogs, laptop, overnight bag, and the rest of my junk to make sure that the other 1,500 books wouldn't be stolen.

Well, at least I have a working wireless connection.

Julius Thompson

Wow! I had the honor of being interviewed by Neal Cohen from Atlanta Radio Station 1690, "The Voice of the Arts."

The interview was aired Wednesday, July 2, 2008, between 10:30am and 3:00pm throughout the Atlanta Metro Area. I've obtained a copy of the interview, about nine minutes long, and you can listen. It's on my website. Please click on AM 1690 Interview to listen to the interview!

Enjoy. God Bless You.

Joanna M. Weston

And another Pen Pricks yahoo--my 55-er "Sleeping Partner" way down towards the end, but in excellent IWW company. (This is a true story, incidentally).

Two poetry reviews up at The Danforth Review: one for Alessandro Porco's Augustine in Carthage and one for Olive Senior's Shell.


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