Friday, August 22, 2008

IWW Member Wins National Honors

Paul Fein, a long-time member of the nonfiction critique group of The Internet Writing Workshop, recently was notified he has been recognized for writing excellence by The United States Tennis' Writers Association.

Paul said, "Our group improved these articles. I'm very grateful ... " after being recognized in three different categories ...
Service Story

  • 1st: Paul Fein, "Playing Drop Shots," Sportstar

Hard News/Enterprise
  • 2nd: Paul Fein, "How Successful Is the U.S. Open Series?" Sportstar

Feature Story (Pro Tennis)
  • 2nd: Paul Fein, "Tennis for the Bloody Fun of It," The Black Rock Masters

Paul will receive his awards September 3rd at the Media Center during the US Open Tennis Tournament.

1 comment:

Ruth D~ said...

Paul~ Having read some of your writing, I'm not surprised in the least. Congratulations. You deserve it.

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